Inverness Games: Updated with Full Results

Very cold and windy conditions at Bught Park, Inverness, yesterday (July 18).

Open MSR (11 Played)
1 Decker Forrest
2 Graham Mulholland
3 Jenny Hazzard
4 Euan MacCrimmon
5 Stephen Spencer
Judges: Jimmy Jackson, P/M Andy Venters

Open Piobaireachd (10 Played)
1 Decker Forrest
2 Graham Mulholland
3 Gordon Barclay
4 Stephen Spencer
5 Jenny Hazzard
Judges: Rona Lightfoot, Iain MacFadyen 

Open Hornpipe/Jig
1 Stephen Spencer
2 Euan MacCrimmon
3 Cameron MacDougall
4 Gordon Barclay
5 Jenny Hazzard
Judges Jimmy Jackson P/M Andy Venters

Under 15 March: 1st Calum Clark 2nd Eòsaph Caimbeul 3rd Thomas MacLean 4th Eilidh MacPhee.

Under 15 Piobaireachd: 1st Thomas MacLean 2nd Eòsaph Caimbeul 3rd Calum Clark.

Under 18 MSR: 1st Brìghde Chaimbeul  2nd Angus MacPhee, 3rd John MacLaren.

Under 18 Piob: 1st Brìghde Chaimbeul , 2nd Angus MacPhee, 3rd John MacLaren

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