BC Pipers Results

BC Pipers logoSuccessful day for James Troy and Alastair Lee at the BC Pipers Annual Gathering in Vancouver last weekend. BC results:

Piob: 1 James P. Troy 2 Callum Beaumont 3 Jori Chisholm 4 Liam Hilder 5 Ed McIlwaine 6 Andrew Lee

MSR: 1 Alastair Lee 2 Callum Beaumont 3 James P. Troy 4 Andrew Lee 5 Jori Chisholm 6 Brian McKenzie

Jig: 1 Alastair Lee 2 Andrew Lee 3 James P. Troy 4 Callum Beaumont 5 Zephan Knichel 6 Brittney Otto

Full results here (you need to scroll down through them to get the proper picture).


Glasgow Collection:

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