BC Pipers Results/ Pipes for Sale/ Letters

BC Pipers logoSuccessful day for James Troy and Alastair Lee at the BC Pipers Annual Gathering in Vancouver last weekend. Alastair is pictured above at last summer’s Argyllshire Gathering where he was placed second in the ‘A’ Strathspey and Reel contest. BC results:

Piob: 1 James P. Troy 2 Callum Beaumont 3 Jori Chisholm 4 Liam Hilder 5 Ed McIlwaine 6 Andrew Lee

MSR: 1 Alastair Lee 2 Callum Beaumont 3 James P. Troy 4 Andrew Lee 5 Jori Chisholm 6 Brian McKenzie

Jig: 1 Alastair Lee 2 Andrew Lee 3 James P. Troy 4 Callum Beaumont 5 Zephan Knichel 6 Brittney Otto

Full results here (you need to scroll down through them to get the proper picture).

barry-pipe-2Pipe Major Barry Donaldson of the City of Edinburgh Pipe Band is offering a magnificent set of full silver pipes for sale (see pic above). The pipe has been played at the very highest level in both solo and bands and this speaks volumes for its pedigree. Read more here.

Two new letters added today, one from Jeannie Campbell and the other from Neil Mulvie.

Glasgow Collection:

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