Historic Picture of Ontario Band/ MacGregor Memorial Competition

The above photograph has been languishing in the PP files for some time and we wonder if any of our many readers in Canada can identify the band or the personnel.

It is an historic photograph, 100 plus years old, and is dated on the back July 10th, 1914. The place is given as simply ‘eastern Ontario’.

Interesting to check out the attire of the bystanders. Dress seems to have been pretty uniform on both sides of the Atlantic at that time. One also can ponder how many of those photographed went off to war a few months later to fight for King and country….and how many returned. We’d be grateful for any information or intelligent guesswork. Please email pipingpress@gmail.com. Anyone interested in a copy of the picture can have one free of charge.

Cameron MacDougall with Argyllshire Gathering Piping Steward Jamie Mellor and Angus Nicol
Current MacGregor holder Cameron MacDougall, Inverness, with Argyllshire Gathering Piping Steward Jamie Mellor and Angus Nicol

Correspondent Angus Nicol today continues his look at the work of the Highland Society of London with particular focus on their MacGregor Memorial competition for young professional pipers held at the Argyllshire Gathering each August. Read more here.

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