Last Black Watch Piper to Play at President Kennedy’s Funeral Dies

The Dundee’s ‘Courier’ newspaper has reported the passing of Bruce Cowie the last Black Watch Piper to play at the 1963 funeral procession of former US President John F Kennedy. Piper Bruce (78) was aged 24 when he took part in the march through Washington from the White house to St Matthew’s Cathedral in 1963 (see pic above). PP readers can re-visit our extensive feature on these few tragic days…

Pipes and President John F Kennedy’s Funeral

Today sees the publication of the second instalment of our feature on President John F Kennedy and his affection for the pipes and pipe bands. This time the author, Lt Col Robert Keith Gunther, looks at the role the bagpipe played in the President’s funeral following the tragic events in Dallas, Texas, 51 years ago this weekend. Read the full story here.