Gourock Games: First Blood to Shotts/ Leinster: SLOT ‘Outstanding’

A warm bright start at the first central belt contest of the pipe band season at Gourock. However storms moved in from the coast bringing torrential rain and the cancellation of the massed bands and march past.

As the photograph shows, this was a sensible decision given the extreme weather.

Winners in Grade 1 were Shotts and Dykehead who placed second from both piping judges (B Donaldson and J Wilson), second in drumming (judge A Craig) and first in ensemble (judge C Edgar).

Runners-up were current World Champions Boghall (ensemble preference) with 3,3,1,2 placings. Third were Scottish Power who, despite placing first from both piping adjudicators, were fourth for drumming and third for ensemble. Other bands competing were Johnstone and Police Federation.

G2 went to Coalburn IOR (1,1,5,1) with Oban second (3,3,2,2). Other places: 3 Denny, 4 Livingston. Drumming: Livingston. Judges in this grade were J Connor, R Walker (piping), A Cook (drumming), and G Lawrie (ensemble).

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Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
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On Saturday (May 11) a pipe band competition was held at Leinster in the Irish republic. Winners in G1 were SLOT playing against Closkelt.

Local commentators said St Laurence were outstanding in both their medley performances. One described that band’s drone sound as ‘massive’ and that they were ready for a ‘great’ season. The band believes it is better prepared for the majors than at any time since 2018. Here’s their Medley 2:

Winners in 4b were Black Raven, 4a Wm. Kerr, G3 Maj Sinclair and G2 St Joseph’s.

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  1. Outstanding in all disciplines the tone of the chanter and drones where top quality the best proformance in a long time. Medley very musical a job well done

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