Wheel of Fortune Contest/ Results from London and South East Mini Bands and Solos

Gordon Walker at ‘the Wheel’

The popular Pipe Major’s Wheel of Fortune competition will be held this Sunday, 21 April, at Danderhall Miners Club, Midlothian, at 12 noon.

It is promoted by the City of Edinburgh Pipe Band. Admission is £15 and £7.50 (under 16). Invited pipers are: Cameron Drummond, Ben Duncan, Craig Muirhead, John Mulhearn, Angus Nicolson, Ciaren Ross, Craig Sutherland and Callum Wynd. Judges are Ian Duncan and Robert Barnes and the audience.

Band Secretary Paul White: ‘Craig, Ciaren and Callum make their Wheel of Fortune debuts. The format and the relaxed atmosphere have proved popular with our audience and pipers over the years. I encourage piping enthusiasts to turn out in force to hear eight great musicians.’

Each plays an MSR and a Medley. Four of the five tune categories in the Medley are determined by a spin of the Golden Chanter on the Wheel. Each piper has a ‘Joker’ with which they can deselect a category. They can play the Joker once at any time. When they do, the wheel is spun again for an alternative.

Tunes are played in any order, but must form one continuous medley.  Competitors tell a joke at the end of their performance, the audience picking the best.

Former winners of the ‘Wheel’ include: Ben Duncan (2017), Brian Lamond (2006 and 2015), Stuart Liddell (2008, 2009, 2013), Douglas Murray (2014, 2016) and Gordon Walker (2011, 2012).

The City of Edinburgh band, originally known as Woolmet and Danderhall, was formed in 1947. The band took its name from the Woolmet Colliery and the Midlothian village, where the band practices to this day.

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London and South of England

The annual mini band and quartet and solo competition was held on April 14 at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton. Results were as follows.

Chanter U14 – Four parted 2/4: Sydney Charles; Slow Air: Sydney Charles. U18s – Four parted 2/4: 1 Isla Ewing 2 Sydney Charles 3 Dexter Dolphin; S&R: 1 Isla Ewing 2 Sydney Charles; 6/8: 1 Sydney Charles 2 Isla Ewing

Adult Amateurs – MSR: 1 Tony Docherty 2 Alex Fraser 3 Gareth Utting; 6/8: 1 Tony Docherty 2 Alex Fraser 3 Jock Barr; Piob Ground: 1 Gareth Utting 2 Jock Barr 3 Billy Beck; Full Piob: 1 Laura McEwan 2 Gareth Utting 3 Bill Copland

Open – MSR: 1 Hector Munro 2 David Rischmiller; Piob: 1 Rob Dunkley 2 David Rischmiller 3 Hector Munro; H&J: 1 Hector Munro 2 David Rischmiller 3 Rob Dunkley

Mini Bands G4 – March: 1 RATAE A 2 Essex Cal. 3 Reading Scottish; MSR: 1 Cambridge Caledonian 2 Reading Scottish 3 Essex Caledonian; Mini Bands G3 – Medley: 1 RATAE 2 Reading Scottish 3 Essex Cal; G3 MSR: Essex Cal.

Quartets – G4 March: 1 City of Plymouth 2 RATAE C 3 Laidlaw Mem. 4 Cambridge Cal.; G4 MSR: 1 City of Plymouth 2 RATAE C 3 Laidlaw Mem. 4 Reading Scottish; G3 Medley: 1 Macanta A 2 Milngavie 3 Macanta B 4 Laidlaw Mem.; G3 MSR 1 City of London 2 Milngavie 3 City of Plymouth 4 Laidlaw Mem.; G2 Medley: 1 City of London 2 Macanta A 3 Macanta B; G2 MSR: 1 City of London 2 Macanta A.

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