Vintage Bagpipe For Sale

Well known piper Colin Campbell, Aberlour, is selling a vintage J&R Glen bagpipe.  Colin writes: The pipes are half Sterling silver on ebony. The wood is in superb condition: no splits, repairs or cracks.  

The only blemishes are two tiny marks on the blowstick bulb and some surface marking on the bass drone top’s ivory. The pipes are so good I had silver put on them in 2008 by a silversmith JRG from Edinburgh (see hallmark photo below). They are being sold as ‘sticks only’, no chanter, bag, cords, cover or reeds.

There is some history with these pipes. They are believed to have been purchased by one of two MacDougal brothers in Edinburgh in 1895.

They were played by the elder brother in WW1 when he served with the London Scottish Regiment. The pipes were subsequently passed to the younger brother who served with the same regiment in WW2.

He continued to own the pipes into his 70s when he sold them to a dealer in Northern Ireland. These pipes are in great condition considering their history. I played them on the senior solo/games circuit for about 10 years with success. They have a warm, mellow drone sound and are rock steady.

I am only parting with them as I haven’t the time to play them and they deserve to be heard and kept going. (Colin is pictured top playing the pipes in competition.)

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the blowstick pictured is different. This is a plastic PH one I had fitted with the original bulb etc.

The original wooden piece was way too long for me. However it is complete with ivory ferrule and is included in the sale. The original bulb can be simply screwed back on to the original.

I am looking for £2,300 and my mobile phone is 07584083626 or email

MacRaeBanner ’19
Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
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