Tobermory Games Results

Champion Piper Angus D MacColl on the boards at Tobermory

This small, traditional Highland games on the island of Mull celebrated its 100th anniversary yesterday in fine style. A large crowd, a large entry in the piping and only one rain shower.

Duty band was Oban High School and Chieftain Sir Lachlan Maclean of Duart and Morvern. The programme blurb read: ‘Since 1923 on the ‘third Thursday after the first Monday in July’, Mull Highland Games have been held on the natural amphitheatre of Erray Park overlooking Tobermory Bay and the Sound of Mull.

‘Only the war years and the pandemic have broken the sequence….Games have been held on Mull for over 150 years and the centenary this year represents the 1923 committee putting the fixture on its present sound footing….’

Piob., 15 played
1 Angus D MacColl, Lament for Mary MacLeod
2 Ross Miller, Massacre of Glencoe
3 Kyle Cameron, Farewell to the Laird of Islay
4 Josh Chandler, Black Wedder’s White Tail
5 Christopher MacLeish, MacLeod’s Salute

March, 17 played
1 Angus J MacColl
2 Angus D MacColl
3 David Bruce
4 Ross Miller
5 Kyle Cameron

1 Angus D MacColl
2 David Bruce
3 Kyle Cameron
4 Angus J MacColl
5 Christopher MacLeish

Local Piob: 1 Angus D MacColl 2 Calum Maclean 3 Scott MacLean 4 Gregor MacDonald

Junior Piob.
1 Archie Johnston
2 Calan McGuigan
3 Roan MacColl
4 Hugh Anderson
5 Lily Robertson

Junior March
1 Alfie Robertson
2 Euan McCracken
3 Archie Johnston
4 Calan McGuigan
5 Sasha MacCallum

Junior S&R
1 Alfie Robertson
2 Euan McCracken
3 Roan MacColl
4 Lily Robertson
5 Hugh Anderson

Judges: R Barnes, B Donaldson, R Wallace

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1 thought on “Tobermory Games Results

  1. Great to see such numbers at Mull Games for the Piping competitions including a number of competitors from Australia…
    It was a pleasure to be there on thursday as a Piping Stward with Torquil Telfer who deserves huge credit for all he does to support Piping in Argyll.
    Listening to the Piobaireachd under the elm tree and the old sheep dyke at the edge of the park was a pleasure on the day..I hope the many visitors who stopped to listen to Angus MacColls winning playing of Lament for Mary MacLeod will take it home.
    Many thanks to Mull Piper Calum McLean for getting us back to the ferry on time after a few drams at the end of a great day.

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