CLASP ‘World Solo Amateur Piping Competition@ Piping Live!’ 2020 Results

By Margaret Dunn

Below are the results from the CLASP’s recent remote event, ‘The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’ @PipingLive! 2020. We had a very large entry from all over the world.

The CLASP stewards connected live over 120 times on Saturday 8th August with pipers from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Hawaii, America, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands & Hungary. Pictured is Grade 1 CLASP competitor, Sandie Greenwood, getting creative with her backdrop!

Overall Winners
Grade 1 Overall Winner of ‘The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’@ Piping Live! 2020 is Stuart Robinson 
Grade 2 Overall Winner of ‘The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’@ Piping Live! 2020 is Liza McFarquhar
Grade 3 Overall Winner of ‘The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’@ Piping Live! 2020 is Robert Cunningham 

Grade 3 – Piobaireachd Ground 
1st Sven Vollberg
2nd Matteo Fornasari 
3rd Roddy Garden
4th Robert Thomson
5th Joe Moore
6th Danielle Warren

Grade 3 – Full Piobaireachd 
1st Anthony Kelly 
2nd Robert Cunningham
3rd Matteo Fornasari 
4th Colin MacKenzie
5th Roddy Garden
6th Alasdair Beaton

Grade 2 – Piobaireachd
1. James Carnegie
2. Billy Wardrope
3. Dagmar Pesta
4. Ted Hales
5. Hector Thomson
6. Bernhard Cohen

Grade Piobaireachd
1. Stuart Robinson
2. Robert Wilson
3.Justin Howland
4.Evan Wraga
5.Stephen Ross
6.Gordon Hislop

Grade 3 – 2/4 March
1st Alasdair Beaton 
2nd Rebecca Morris 
3rd Roddy Garden
4th Anthony Kelly
5th Robert Cunningham 
6th Martin Lee

Grade 3 – Strathspey & Reel
1st Kim Greeley
2nd Robert Cunningham
3rd Danielle Warren 
4th Sven Vollberg
5th Alasdair Beaton
6th Rebecca Morris

Grade 3 Jig 
1st Alasdair Beaton
2nd Danielle Warren
3rd Robert Cunningham
4th Sven Vollberg
5th Jamie Acheson
6th Kim Greeley

Grade 2 2/4 March
1st Christian Beutler
2nd Ben Hall
3rd Liza McFarquhar
4th Edmund Boland
5th Andrea jones
6th James carnegie

Grade 2 – Strathspey and reel
1st Ben Hall
2nd Liza McFarquhar
3rd Douglas Maxwell
4th Bill Copland
5th Andrea Jones
6th Balint Kiss

Grade 2 Jig 
1st Liza MacFarquhar
2nd Douglas Hamilton
3rd Cameron O’Neill
4th Esther Scheren
5th Andrea Jones
6th Anne Gallo

Grade 1 MSR
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd Colin Innes
3rd Justin Howland
4th Brady Webb
5th Gordon Hislop
6th Scott Long

Grade 1 Hornpipe & Jig
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd Justin Howland 
3rd Colin Innes
4th Scott Long
5th Brady Webb
6th Dane Grant 

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