CPA Online Competition 2020 Results

The Competing Pipers’ Association have sent this:

The results of the C grade round of the CPA Online Competition are as follows:

C Grade Piobaireachd – 40 competed
1st – Bradley Parker
2nd – Scott Armstrong
3rd – Chris Gray
4th – Luke Kennedy
5th – Brodie Watson-Massey
Judges: Patricia Henderson & Bob Worrall

C Grade MSR – 47 competed
1st – Bradley Parker 2nd – Luke Kennedy 3rd -AlexGehrig 4th – Teddy Krogh 5th – Andrew Hutton

  • The contest showcased the international aspect of the CPA with members competing from 11 countries.
  • The CPA committee would like to thank all the competitors and judges who took part.
  • B grade open for entries on Monday 13th July and the deadline for submissions will be Friday
    31st July at 6pm.

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