Tremendous Response to Piping Centre’s Second Online CLASP Contest

We had a great response to our second remote CLASP Competition since lock down. The ‘live’ audio recordings were gathered by CLASP stewards on Saturday and the judges spent Sunday judging and writing up digital crit sheets for the competitors.

The next remote CLASP competition will take place on Saturday 8th August and replaces the annual ‘World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’ at Piping Live! Pictured below are Stuart Robinson, Grade 1 Overall Winner in action yesterday, Giovanni Giulianini (Grade 2 overall winner warming up on his practice chanter), and Robert Cunningham in action yesterday and on his way to winning the Grade 3 overall. 

By Margaret Dunn

Here are the full results: 
Grade 1 Piobaireachd:
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd David MacKenzie
3rd Colin Innes
4th Stephen Ross
5th Gill Cairns
6th Kyle Banta

Grade 1 March:
1st Justin Howland
2nd Kyle Banta
3rd Niklas MacPhee
4th Stuart Robinson
5th David MacKenzie
6th Jason Harley

Grade 1 S&R:
1st Kyle Banta
2nd Justin Howland
3rd Gordon Hislop
4th Stuart Robinson
5th Jason Harley
6th David MacKenzie

Grade 1 overall winner Stuart Robinson in action at the weekend

Grade 1 Jig:
1st Stuart Robinson
2nd Colin Innes
3rd Justin Howland
4th Niklas McPhee
5th Kyle Banta
6th William Wardrope

Grade 1 Overall Winner: Stuart Robinson

Grade 2 Piobaireachd:
1st Evan Wraga
2nd Giovanni Giulianini
3rd Ben Hall
4th William Wardrope
5th Duncan Lamont
6th Christian Beutler

Grade 2 March:
1st Giovanni Giulianini
2nd Esther Scheren
3rd Evan Roll
4th Ben Hall
5th Christian Beutler
6th Evan Wraga

Giovanni does some last minute practice

Grade 2 S&R:
1st Ben Hall
2nd Evan Roll
3rd Giovanni Giulianini
4th Esther Scheren
5th Evan Wraga
6th David Livingstone

Grade 2 Jig:
1st Liza MacFarquhar
2nd Baliant Kiss
3rd Evan Roll
4th Giovanni Giulianini
5th Esther Scheren
6th Douglas Maxwell

Grade 2 Overall Winner: Giovanni Giulianini

Grade 3 Piobaireachd (Ground Only)
1st John Hunt
2nd Hector Thomson
3rd Mark MacRae
4th Anthony Kelly
5th Alasdair Beaton
6th Joe Moore

Grade 3 Overall Winner Robert Cunningham

Grade 3 Piobaireachd:
1st Svenn Vollberg
2nd Hector Thomson
3rd John Hunt
4th Robert Cunningham
5th Philip Duthie
6th Joe Moore

Grade 3 March:
1st Robert Cunningham
2nd Philip Duthie
3rd Cameron O’Neil 
4th Neil Scotland
5th Roddy Garden
6th Hector Thomson

Grade 3 S&R:
1st Neil Scotland
2nd Cameron O’Neil
3rd James Acheson
4th Hector Thomson
5th Joe Moore
6th Robert Cunningham

Grade 3 Jig:
1st Alasdair Beaton
2nd Leslie Barrett
3rd Sven Vollberg
4th Philip Duthie 
5th Cameron O’Neil
6th Mark MacRae

Grade 3 Overall Winner: Robert Cunningham

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