Cancale Goes Ahead/ Hallkirk Games Cancelled

This is an online translation of the notice sent in French regarding the annual ‘Piobairecahd by the Sea’ event held in Brittany, France.

‘Very dear friends confined (but united by love for the most disturbing music). Like all Associations, we sail by sight … (normal in Cancale)
but we hope that Pibroc’h en Bord de Mer 2020 will take place!

‘So write it down on your tablets: Third weekend in September
(Saturday 19 and Sunday 20) it will be in Cancale! We will keep you posted as soon as we know more. P.S. Containment requires, you have time.

‘Take the opportunity to choose the piece that you are going to perform for us, treat yourself to overcome all the difficulties represented by these little notes! We all hope to see you back in great shape! See you soon, Rémy Lecastrec, Jakez Pincet.’

Meanwhile Scotland’s most northerly Highland games, Halkirk in Caithness, scheduled for July 25, have now been cancelled because of the on-going concerns over the pandemic.

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