Worlds, Scottish Still ‘On’ for the Moment/ Oban Festival Cancelled/ Oz Contest Wipe Out

The RSPBA’s Board of Directors: ‘In response to the revised Government guidelines regarding COVID-19, we have closed our Headquarters building at 45 Washington Street in Glasgow to safeguard our staff, members, and volunteers.

‘Although our Scottish (25th July) and World (14th /15th August) Championships are still on the calendar at this point in time, we are liaising closely with the promoters of these events West Dunbartonshire Council and Glasgow Life respectively. We are meeting on-line weekly with Glasgow Life to review the situation regarding the Worlds and will advise as soon as any decisions are made.

‘If you have any trophies still to be returned for any of this year’s Major Championships, please keep hold of these for the time being.

‘In these trying times we must all do our part to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. Please make sure you keep your friends and family safe and follow the guidelines issued by the Government and health professionals.’ 

Meanwhile the Highlands & Islands Festival, one of the three early season indoor piping events, and held annually in Oban has been cancelled. It was due to take place from April 30 to May 2 and had attracted an entry of hundreds of musicians and dancers.

Also this from Pipe Bands Australia: ‘With new government directives on social distancing and advice they will be in place for at least six months, the 2020 Australian Pipe Band Championships have been officially postponed to April 2021. 

‘An assessment of date options and consideration of government directives and advice in response to the coronavirus pandemic by Pipe Bands Australia, host branch Victoria and promoter Maryborough Highland Society concluded that proceeding with a deferred October date could not be guaranteed based on current government information and requirements for Australian people. 

‘The original provisional postponed date in October, or later in the year, would also have increasingly presented greater challenges for participation by both school and community bands. An October date may also have allowed bands only limited musical preparation. 

‘To ensure greater certainty for bands and championship patrons, the host branch and promoter have selected the weekend of 10 and 11 April – the weekend after Easter when the 116th Maclean Highland Gathering will be held in northern NSW and the weekend before the Bundanoon Highland Gathering. All decisions remain subject to further government direction and review. The closing date for confirmation of original entries/new entries will be 5 January 2021. 

‘Pipe Bands Australia, Pipe Bands Victoria and Maryborough Highland Society appreciate the support, understanding and patience of people from across the pipe band community and within the Maryborough and central Victoria district over the past two weeks in these difficult and challenging times for all Australians. 

‘We again ask all members of our pipe band family to remain safe, observe government advice and find ways to keep the music going.’

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