Piping Press Miscellany: Mey Games, Lorient Bands, SPA Juniors, Inverness Juniors, Nicol Brown Contest

The last two weeks have been so busy that we have been unable to publish details of some events. Here’s a catch up:

Mey Highland Games, Caithness, August 3
Angela Nicholson, Piping Convenor: ‘It was a scorching hot day (very unusual for Caithness!) and everyone had a great time. In the picture [above] judge Stuart Webster presents Callum Clark with the Alistair Norquay Memorial Challenge Cup, given for most points in senior piping. Photo credit: Tim Rooke.

Juniors U13
March: 1 Glenn Miller 11, Watten, 2 Morven Miller 9, Watten
S&R: 1 Morven Miller, 2 Glenn Miller
JIG: 1 Glenn Miller, 2 Morven Miller

Juniors U16
March: 1 Glenn Miller, 2 Matthew Knapman, 12, Clayock, 3 Morven Miller
S&R: 1 Glenn Miller 2 Morven Miller 3 Matthew Knapman
Jig: 1 Arran King, 15, Thurso, 2 Matthew Knapman, 3 Morven Miller, 4 Glenn Miller

Seniors 16 and Over
March: 1 Callum Clark, Barrock, 2 Shona Tait, Reiss
S&R: 1 Callum Clark, 2 Shona Tait
Jig: 1 Callum Clark, 2 Shona Tait

March/Hornpipe: 1 Callum Clark, 2 Shona Tait

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Lorient Bands: Tom Johnstone reports: Here are the results of the contest which was held on Saturday 10th August 2019. The prize-money is quite generous and all bands taking part get prizes. The weather was glorious.
MSR (own choice): 1 Ronset Mor, 2 Celtic Pipes & Drums (N. Ireland)
Medley (own choice): 1 Brieg 2 Ronset Mor 3 35 Club Pipe Band 4 Celtic Pipes & Drums 5 De La Salle Scouts (Ireland)
Drumming (Freestyle) 1 Loctundy 2 Asturians 3 De La Salle Scouts (Ireland) 4 Celtic Pipes & Drums (N. Ireland)

Other notes: Glencorse Pipe Band withdrew from the contest due to illness
City of Adelaide Pipe Band did not wish to compete and cited the reason that they did not have enough of their good players with them.
Pommerit Le Vicomte  were disqualified by the organisers for not turning out in traditional dress (some had shorts and trainers)
Judges (Piping): Andrew Wilson, RS MacDonald, Ian Duncan
Ensemble: Tom Johnstone; Drumming: John Scullion

Inverness Piping Society Secretary Alastair Campbell: ‘This year’s junior piping competition will take place on 14 September 2019 at Milton of Leys Primary School. A copy of the entry form and competition details is attached [click on link]. I would be grateful if you could spread the word to all parents/tutors and potential competitors. Entries close on September 6.’

Scottish Pipers’ Association Annual Juvenile contest entry form here. President Tom Johnstone: ‘Changed format this year with chanter plus three age categories which I think will be a big improvement. The contest is on September 7 and entries close August 28 and are limited to the first 15 in each group.’

Paula Glendinning in the US: We’re pleased to announce that the 37th Nicol-Brown Competition will be held at the First Reformed Church, Scotia, New York on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The contest will be judged by Callum Beaumont, Faye Henderson, and Matt MacIsaac. 

On Friday, October 11, the Nicol-Brown committee and the Talcott Mountain Highlanders will hosti a benefit concert with Matt MacIsaac and Callum Beaumont, with Faye Henderson as the featured MC. The concert will be held at the historic Troy Music Hall in Troy, New York. Ticket information will be available soon. Proceeds from the tickets will go toward a fund for digitising Donald Lindsay’s library of recordings of Bob Brown, Bob Nicol, and other piping authorities, and for maintaining an archival website for this important material. The competitors will be introduced at the concert and will be given their tune submissions for the following day.

The impressive Nicol -Brown Chalice

On Saturday, October 12, the contest will begin with the 6/8 March, followed by the Piobaireachd and then the MSR in the late afternoon. Amateur pipers from across North America will be selected to play in this invitational contest which is dedicated annually to the memory of Robert U. Brown and Robert B. Nicol, the Masters of Piobaireachd. An exceptional list of prizes is given each year, and the overall winner will receive travel expenses to compete at the important solo event of their choice in 2020, as well as a custom-engraved McCallum pipe chanter.

On Sunday, October 13, the committee will host a morning Master Class with instruction from all three judges. More details will be available soon at www.nicol-brown.org and on Facebook.

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