Nairn Games Results

Four competed in the seniors. Dry all afternoon, although rain threatened to blow across the Moray Firth and douse the pipers at several points. If any reader has the junior results please forward.
1 Matt Pantaleoni (Lament for MacSwan of Roaig)
2 Gordon Barclay (The King’s Taxes)
3 John MacDonald (Tulloch Ard)
4 Yann Rizzo (Desperate Battle)
1 Matt Pantaleoni
2 John MacDonald
3 Yann Rizzo
4 Gordon Barclay
1 Matt Pantaleoni
2 Gordon Barclay
3 John MacDonald
4 Yann Rizzo
1 Matt Pantaleoni
2 John MacDonald
3 Gordon Barclay
4 Yann Rizzo
Overall: Matt Pantaleoni.
Judges were DJ MacIntyre for the Piobaireachd, Ronnie Maclean for the March and S/R, and both for the Jigs.  

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