Final Excerpt from the Northern Meeting 1995 plus the List of Pipers in the ‘B’ Ceol Beag, Oban 1990

This final video from the 1995 Northern Meeting is by cameraman Owen Nash, Manchester. It features pipers playing in the final of the Hornpipe & Jig contest that year.

They are Scott Drummond, Michael Elder, Allan Russell, and Gordon Duncan. There is a shot of the judges Messrs. Ronnie Morrison, Jimmy Young and Donald MacPherson.

Silver Medallist Scott Drummond on stage at the Eden Court Theatre in 1995
Michael Elder, Black Watch, playing in the final of the 1995 H&J

Thanks again to John Don MacKenzie for the programme from the Argyllshire Gathering in 1990, writes the Editor.

I always find it interesting to look down the names; it fair jogs the memory. 

Here we find Roy Gunn, New Zealand, such a larger than life character who added hugely to the piping scene in Scotland during his visits over.

There we have Tony Ho who did so much to promote piping in the former British colony of Hong Kong.

We see the names of Gold Medallists Iain Speirs and Stuart Shedden and South African Chris Terry who spent a small fortune travelling here to compete.

Roy Gunn, New Zealand

There is Colin Gemmell, a fine piper from British Columbia, and Anne Spalding who does such sterling work with the MacKenzie Caledonia band in Dundee.

Most poignant to read the late Andrew Bonar’s name and there’s Jacky Pincet the doyen of Breton pipers.

And what about Iain Donaldson? Is that the same Iain who has done so well with his band and teaching programme in Dunedin in Florida?

Madonna’s piper Lorne Cousin is there as are the US’s John Higgins, Chris Jensen, Brad Davidson and Australia’s Mark MacKenzie.

Nearer to home we have Clive Douglas, Michael Gray, Alison Campbell, John Don himself, Bobby Burns and Jimmy Hood – and apologies to those not mentioned.

• See other lists from the same programme here.

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5 thoughts on “Final Excerpt from the Northern Meeting 1995 plus the List of Pipers in the ‘B’ Ceol Beag, Oban 1990

  1. Many thanks to Owen Nash for that video – brings back a lot of memories. I was lucky enough to play in that band for six years and I remember playing on the stage that day. That was a great year for the band – we won the Scottish, Bristish, Euros & Worlds and came second at Cowal (I think). A fantastic experience and a great bunch in the band…plenty of nonsense was had by all!

  2. Alaistair MacAffer was the P/M of Inverness Schools pipe band and this was the year the band won the Worlds pipe band competition and took the drumming title in Novice Juvenile grade as well as winning Champion of Champions that year. For a good few of us this was our first year competing and there are still a fair few still at it all thanks to this pipe band.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Iain – a great time for us all. Great craic and even better memories.
      It’s always good catching up and seeing the not so young faces around the competitions…some with less hair now as well!! (Hadn’t seen your message when I wrote mine hence the same stuff about the comps – sorry!)

    2. Hello Iain,
      I went to school in Melbourne (University High School) with Alastair and we were good mates. He and his family took me to some pipe competitions. I knew he had gone to Scotland to teach the bagpipes, heard he was in Inverness, but lost touch with him. Are you able to tell me if he is OK and still in Inverness (we are now 75, so not all our classmates are still around)? I certainly hope so!
      I now live in Bendigo, Victoria.

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