London Championship 2017 – Bratach Tunes & Pictures Added

A very full day of top class piping in the capital and a good crowd at the Kensington Conference Centre. Competitions began at 8.30am and ran into the evening. There was a good representation from overseas with many pipers flying in for the event from Europe and North America. Bruce Gandy from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was declared Champion Piper for 2017. Bruce is pictured with other prizewinners above. Results below. Stay tuned for comment from the Editor. 
Piobaireachd for the Dr Calum MacCrimmon Bratach Gorm (7 tunes)
1 Roderick MacLeod, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
2 Callum Beaumont, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar
3 Bruce Gandy, Big Spree
4 Jack Lee, Lord Lovat’s Lament
5 Finlay Johnston, Lament for the Children
Judges: I Duncan, S Samson, A Wright

London Champion for 2017 Bruce Gandy, Nova Scotia. Bruce now qualifies for next year’s Glenfiddich competition at Blair Castle

Open Piobaireachd for the William Gillies Cup (6 tunes)
1 Iain Speirs, Nameless, Cherede Darivea
2 Bruce Gandy, Kintarbert’s Fancy
3 Alasdair Henderson, My King Has Landed in Moidart
4 Glenn Brown, Beloved Scotland
5 Jamie Forrester, Battle of Waternish
Judges: A Maclean, W Morrison, W Wotherspoon
MSR: London Medallion & John MacFadyen Quaich (6 of each, two of each to be played)
1 Finlay Johnston
2 Jack Lee
3 Seumas Coyne
4 Alasdair Henderson
5 Callum Beaumont
Judges: J Banks, W Cowan, J Taylor
Finlay Johnston receives the London Medallion MSR Trophy

March: P/M JB Robertson Silver Rose Bowl (6 of each, selected tune to be played once)
1 Bruce Gandy
2 Roderick MacLeod
3 Finlay Johnston
Judges: R Worrall, A Wright
Hornpipe & Jig: Mary Flora Beaton Cup (3 of each)
1 Bruce Gandy
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Roderick MacLeod
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, R Worrall
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A grade events

Piobaireachd:  RG Lawrie Rams Horn Snuff Mull (6 tunes)
1 Peter McCalister
2 Derek Midgley
3 Jamie Forrester
Judges: I Duncan, S Samson
Darsch Urquhart winner of the Strachan Memorial Trophy. Darach now qualifies for the London Medallion MSR

MSR:  Strachan Memorial (submit 4 of each)
1 Darach Urquhart
2 Callum Moffat
3 Ben McClamrock
Judges: W Cowan, I McLellan
Andrew Donlon, winner of the ‘A’ Jig

‘A’ Jig:  Donald Forbes Medal (own choice)
1 Andrew Donlon
2 Callum Moffat
3 Darach Urquhart
Judge: W Cowan, I McLellan
B grade events
‘B’ Piobaireachd:  John Roe Plate (4 tunes) – 30 played
1 Edward Gaul, The Groat
2 Ben McClamrock, Red Speckled Bull
3 Gavin Ferguson, The Groat
4 Steven Leask, Battle of Bealach nam Brog
5 Sarah Muir, Lord Berisdale’s Sal.
Judges: L Tannock, R Wallace
Edward Gaul, winner of the ‘B’ Piobaireachd

‘B’ MSR:  London Scottish Hodden Grey Trophy (3 of each)
1 Matt Wilson
2 Andrew Donlon
3 Greig Canning
Judges: L Ingram, I McLellan
Matt Wilson of Dollar Academy and Field Marshal Montgomery

‘B’ Jig:  Hugh MacMillan Trophy (own choice)
1 Ross Cowan
2 Matt Wilson
3 Edward Gaul
Judges: A Maclean, W Morrison, W Wotherspoon
Ross Cowan, Pipe Major of North Lanarkshire Schools and winner of the ‘A’ Jig

C grade events
‘C’ Piobaireachd, NPC Trophy
1 John McElmurry
2 Ciaren Ross
3 Gwenael Dage
Judge: E Anderson

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‘C’ MSR:  P/M Robert Crabb BEM Trophy (3 of each)
1 Ciaren Ross
2 Dan Nevans
3 Andrew Hutton
Judges: L Ingram, J Banks

John McElmurry, Northern Ireland, ‘C’ Grade Piobaireachd Champion

‘C’ Jig:  Trophy (own choice)
1 John Dew
2 Matt Supranowicz
3 Kyle Shead
Judge: E Anderson
Juvenile events

Juvenile   Piob
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Christopher Happs

Judge: J Taylor, R Worrall
Juvenile MSR:  British Airways Pipe Band Trophy (own choice)
1 Robbie MacIsaac
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Ruairidh Brown
Judge: R Worrall
Juvenile Jig: Highlands & Islands Society Trophy (own choice)
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Robbie MacIsaac
3 Finlay Cameron
Judge: J Taylor, R Worrall
Juvenile Champion: Andrew Ferguson

 Piob Grade 1 CLASP: Ross McNaughton
 Ceol Beag CLASP Grade 1: Bradley Boxall and Gordon Hislop

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3 thoughts on “London Championship 2017 – Bratach Tunes & Pictures Added

  1. Having been going to the London competition for a number of years I feel the organisation is letting what is a top graded competition down very badly.
    The lack of tuning rooms was disgraceful pipers having to tune in toilets that were being used and some pipers not getting a chance to tune at all.
    It doesn’t take much to organise pre tuning and final tuning rooms. Then move each piper along into these rooms as required.
    Pipers are paying to enter and also the expense of traveling to London to attend. London piping society need to address this as a lot of pipers I spoke to are sick of it.

  2. Idle curiousity, but what were the tunes played by the prize winners in TheBratach Gorm?

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