RSPBA Confirm Grade 2 in Main Arena at Worlds

RSPBA Vice Chairman John Hughes, the man in charge of running our major championships, has confirmed that this year’s Grade 2 final will be held in the main arena at the World Pipe Band Championships (pictured above).

This means these bands will have their performances broadcast live worldwide on BBC television and via internet streaming. A few days ago our correspondent MacStig wrote: I do hope the RSPBA video crew is able to cover the Grade 2 Final as it has at the Majors and North Berwick. Those Twitter releases of each attack and release of the video on the YouTube channel thereafter, have been great. It doesn’t replace ‘being there’, but for those of you unable to be so, it helps.

‘Whatever happens, the final will be a classic. Synchronise watches for 3.35pm this Saturday. (Get over from Grade 1, finishing around 3.15pm). Now, I have no idea what is going on regarding the arena allocation on the day, however, if you look very, very closely, the Grade 2 Final could just about slot into the main arena. Wouldn’t  that be great for the grade and the finalists? Here’s hoping.’

Accommodating….RSPBA Vice Chairman John Hughes

Today Mr Hughes replied: ‘Well MacStig, the Grade 2 is indeed in the big arena this year. I’ve reduced the time between the two G1 performances and so left time to give the G2 a platform in front of the big crowd not to mention the BBC cameras. Enjoy..’

The editor writes: ‘This is brilliant news for everyone who follows Grade 2 so huge thanks to Mr Hughes for being so accommodating and well done MacStig for highlighting the possibility. And it is even more incentive for G2 bands to do well in the Qualifiers (as if they needed it). A great result all round.’

• Read MacStig’s exclusive preview of Grade 2 here.

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5 thoughts on “RSPBA Confirm Grade 2 in Main Arena at Worlds

  1. This is not a precedent. If you remember, they played the grade two final in the main arena in 2014, when Brieg pipped Bleary & District to the title

  2. Fantastic thanks John Hughes for great decision. Well deserved . I’m coming to both day s of World flying today. Going to be Mega

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