Donald MacLeod Memorial Results

The annual competition was held today in the Caladh Inn, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Champion Piper was Niall Stewart, Kyle, who placed first in Ceol Mor and fourth in MSR. Runner up: Ian K MacDonald, Ontario. Niall is pictured above receiving his trophy. The Hornpipe & Jig result is not considered in the overall prize assessment.

1 Niall Stewart, Queen Elizabeth ll’s Sal
2 Roderick MacLeod, Cabar Feidh gu Bragh
3 Finlay Johnston, Cronan Padruig Seumas
4 William McCallum, Roderick MacDonald’s Salute

1 Ian K MacDonald, Hills of Kintail, P/M John Stewart, Susan Macleod, Piper’s Bonnet, Neil Angus MacDonald, John Morrison, Assynt House
2 Angus MacColl, Brig o’ Feuch, MacLean of Pennycross, Cat Lodge Shepherd’s Crook, Drumlithie, Lachlan MacPhee of Tiree
3 William McCallum, Glasgow Skye Association Centenary Gathering, Cast. Campbell of Drum a Voisk, Duncan Lamont, Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn, Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy, Lt. Col. DJS Murray
4 Niall Stewart, Duncan MacColl, 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh, Sandy MacPherson, P/M Hector MacLean, Kildonan, Mrs MacPherson of Inveran

Pipers were entitled to play their tunes in any order.

1 Angus MacColl, Kyle Howie’s Hornpipe, Callum’s Bridge
2 Alasdair Henderson, Hazel Thompson, John Paterson’s Mare
3 Finlay Johnston, Joe McGann’s Fiddle, Old Wife of the Mill Dust
4 Roderick MacLeod, Joe McGann’s Fiddle, Donnie MacGregor

Judges for all events: A Forbes, I MacFadyen, J Wilson

Fear an Tighe: Dr John Smith

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