Scottish Schools’ Pipe Band Championship

Scottish Schools’ Pipe Band Championship is well underway in Edinburgh. Eighty one bands of various standards and sizes were ready to step off this morning. With George Heriot’s Juvenile B (pictured) first up in Hall A.

Twenty-one bands in the Nov Juvenile B, seven in Nov Juv A, and six in Juvenile. A host of other bands are playing in Hall B covering less experienced ‘grades’. The contest is ideally housed in good facilities at James Gillespie’s High School near the ‘Meadows’ in Edinburgh. As suspected, parking is tricky for those travelling by car, with ‘residents only’ spaces covering the vast majority in near proximity. A pity for those cutting it fine and arriving later than hoped.

The event is free and programme given for a donation.

Standing room only for the Juvenile competition. Again, several Grade 1 players in the audience.

Govan Schools compete