Report on the Army Contest/ Date for Capt. John MacLellan Mem./Pipes for Sale/ Young Piper

Major Gordon Rowan

After a hiatus of seven years, last weekend (March 4/5) saw the Army Piping and Drumming Championships take place at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming, writes Major Gordon Rowan, Director of Army Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming.

The school, at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh, resounded to the sound of bagpipes, drums and bugles, as pipers and drummers from across the British Army competed with each other to claim the top spot in fiercely contested competitions.  Spurred on by friends, family and colleagues, all disciplines were broadcast on social media, racking up more than 45,000 views from around the world.

Independent adjudication was provided by some of the biggest names in the pipe band and solo piping world, with the piping events being overseen by Tom Speirs, Ronnie MacShannon, Walter Cowan, Ian McLellan, James Henderson and Stevie Small, and the drumming being judged by Jim Clark, Brian Alexander, Bill Black and Alec Dudgeon.

P/M Peter MacGregor

The school opened to the public at 0900 on Saturday, and the weekend’s events culminated with the prize giving ceremony on Sunday afternoon. After a highly enjoyable and successful weekend of music, it emerged that The Highlanders, 4 SCOTS, were the Army Champion Pipe Band, Pipe Major Peter MacGregor, also 4 SCOTS, was awarded the title of Army Champion Piper, and Sgt Callum Marr RMP was named Army Champion Drummer. The picture top features Col. Wallace, Deputy Commander,  Champion Piper P/M MacGregor, Champion Drummer Sgt. Marr.

The championships will feature again next year, over the weekend of 3-4 March, and the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming will also host some top flight competitive solo piping at the Capt John A MacLellan memorial contest on Saturday the 7thof October this year, when the doors will once again be opened to the public.

Watch highlights of the MSR contest here.

The drone tops of the pipes Calum is offering for sale

A set of pipes which are probably MacDougall of Aberfeldy have been offered for sale by Mull piper Calum MacLean. Calum, who lives in Tobermory, has too many sets and needs to create some space in his back room. Get the details here.

Still with the islands, Pauline Craib has sent this: ‘Hi Robert, I would appreciate if you could amend the contact email address for the Young Piper Competition to the following:

Check out the full PP Guide to the Games here.

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