PP Ed’s Blog: 277 Argylls TA Band/ Jim’s Birthday/ George Story/ Mathieson Cruise

Glenn Gillan has written again about his father’s band, the Argylls 277RA TA, World Champions at Belfast in 1962 with P/M John Weatherston in charge. Glenn writes: ‘I’d like to find a photo of my father’s band 277 A&SH on the field at the Worlds when they won in 1962 if anyone has it. They made a record after but he isn’t on the cover photo as he was out of the TA by 1963. You can see all comments on this post here.

We can’t help I’m afraid Glenn but found the picture up top. It is from the ‘Scottish Borderer’ and the blurb reads: ‘This TA unit was a Royal Artillery unit but the pipe band came with the 4/5 Bn when it was converted to artillery after the war. Also an award-winning band pictured here in 1965. The regiment, though Royal Artillery, continued to wear the Argyll’s Balmoral bonnet. The band uniform was No1 dress Highland as worn by the 1st Bn Argylls. Tartan Government 1A. Four different sporrans were worn in this band! The officers are in the standard British Army No.2 dress apart from the headdress.’

Still with the Argylls, as I reported on Monday after my visit to the Glasgow Highland Club, the chaps involved in the regiment’s book of pipe tunes will be hard at it this week at the Army School of Piping at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh. Well, the hard work also coincided with the 80th birthday of one of the compilers, the illustrious Jim Henderson, relative of John MacLellan, Dunoon, and erstwhile tutor of expert piper Stuart Liddell.

The occasion was marked by Director of Army Bagpipe Music Major Gordon Rowan presenting Jim with a cake to suitable bagpipe accompaniment from Ben Duncan. Major Rowan said: ‘Happy 80th birthday to another member of ‘the book club’, Pipe Major Jimmy Henderson. He was asked today what his wife thought of him working on the Argylls book on his birthday…..he said ‘piping comes first!’ 

Nice touch gents and congratulations Jim. Bet you had a job keeping Cowan away from the icing.

I forgot to mention in my report on the Glasgow Highland Club dinner that each year the club presents a handsome silver medal for the winner of the Uist & Barra Piobaireachd competition. This will be held at the College of Piping on March 5 from 9am with many of the top pipers in the world vying for the prestigious medal.

Piping promoter and teacher George Balderose appeared on the front of his local paper, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a few days ago. Click on the pic to read:

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I keep telling my young pupils that piping will open so many doors for them in later life and that as consequence they should work as hard as they can to become proficient in the art.

Robert (in red), Callum and a healthy class of students

Right on cue we hear of a Caribbean cruise by Robert Mathieson (and his lovely wife Anne), Glenn Brown and Callum Beaumont and others, during which they swan about the Spanish Main and nearby islands teaching passengers the bagpipe. Not bad work if you can get it – especially at this time of year. The other day the ship docked in Haiti where no doubt Mathieson leapt ashore to hone up his voodoo skills with the local bokor. 

Brilliant gig guys and if you are docking in Fort Lauderdale next week call in and see us at the South Florida P&D Academy in nearby Boca Raton if you’ve time.

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2 thoughts on “PP Ed’s Blog: 277 Argylls TA Band/ Jim’s Birthday/ George Story/ Mathieson Cruise

  1. Glenn, I have a photo of the 277 A&SH which I believe is from around the time they won the World Championships. I have sent it on to RW who will be able to pass it on to you.

    1. Thank you so much. I spoke with PM Weatherston once back in 1987. I was in his shop having my bass drone repaired, he made me a new one on the spot. He joked about the TA band when I asked if he remembered my father ” not much of a band” he said. I said, well you won the world championship it couldn’t have been that bad!

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