London Championship – Bratach Goes to Callum, Gillies to Andrew Hayes, Gordon Takes MSR

london-logoThe above picture shows some of the winners with their trophies at this year’s London Championship. Unfortunately some successful pipers had to leave early to catch flights back to Scotland. Full results below. Stay tuned for comment on the day from the Editor plus a full array of photographs. 

Piobaireachd for the Dr Calum MacCrimmon Bratach Gorm (7 tunes)
1 Callum Beaumont 
2 Finlay Johnston, MacLeod of MacLeod’s Lament
3 Jack Lee, Lord Lovat’s Lament
4 Iain Speirs
5 Faye Henderson, Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick
Judges: C MacLellan, J Wilson, R Worrall

Open Piobaireachd for the William Gillies Cup (6 tunes) 
1 Andrew Hayes, MacNeill of Barra’s March
2 Craig Sutherland, Park Piob No2
3 Alan Bevan, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar
4 Callum Beaumont
5 Jamie Forrester
Judges: A Forbes, J Taylor, A Wright[wds id=”6″]

MSR: London Medallion & John MacFadyen Quaich (6 of each, two of each to be played)
1 P/M Gordon Walker
2 Stuart Liddell
3 Cameron Drummond
4 Callum Beaumont
5 Iain Speirs
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, R Worrall

March: P/M JB Robertson Silver Rose Bowl (6 of each, selected tune to be played ONCE; March result does NOT contribute to the overall prize).
1 Roderick MacLeod
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 William McCallum
4 Cameron Drummond
5 Finlay Johnston
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, R Worrall

Hornpipe & Jig: Mary Flora Beaton Cup (3 of each)
1 Stewart Liddell
2 Cameron Drummond
3 Steven Grey
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, R Worrall
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A grade events

Piobaireachd:  RG Lawrie Rams Horn Snuff Mull (6 tunes)
1 Darach Urquhart, Big Spree 
2 Nick Hudson, Lament for the Children
3 Xavier Boderiou, Blind Piper’s Obstinacy
4 Mike Fitzhenry, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar
5 Derek Midgley, MacDougall’s Gathering
Judges: I Duncan, R Wallace

MSR:  Strachan Memorial (submit 4 of each)
1 Sarah Muir, Allan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland, Caledonian Society of London, Dr MacPhail
2 Nick Hudson, Mrs Duncan MacFadyen, Kirsty MacCalman’s Favourite, Neil Angus MacDonald
3 Darach Urquhart, Brig. Cheape, John Roy Stewart, Ca’ the Ewes
4 Jamie Forrester, Ross-shire Volunteers, Piper’s Bonnet, Rej. Suitor
5 Graham Drummond, P/M Jim Christie of Wick, Ewe Wi’ the Crookit Horn, Alick C. MacGregor
Judges: I Duncan, R Wallace 

Hornpipe & Jig:  Donald Forbes Medal (own choice)
1 Graham Drummond
2 Jamie Forrester
3 Nick Hudson 
Judge: C MacLellan

B grade events

Piobaireachd:  John Roe Plate (4 tunes)
1 Calum Watson
2 Andrew Donlon
3 Matt Pantaleoni
4 Bruce MacDonald
5 Anna Kummerlõw
Judges: T Johnstone, W Wotherspoon

MSR:  London Scottish Hodden Grey Trophy (3 of each)
1 Callum Moffat
2 Andrew Wilson
3 Sandy Cameron
4 Jamie Elder
5 Ross Cowan
Judges: I McLellan, W  Cowan

Hornpipe & Jig:  Hugh MacMillan Trophy (own choice)
1 Andrew Donlon
2 Greig Canning
3 Jonathan Simpson

C grade events
1 Alex Gehrig, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
2 Chris Lee, King’s Taxes
3 Calum Brown, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute
4 Richard McGrath, Lament for Captain MacDougall
5 Jordane Gillioux, Black Donald’s March
Judge: A Maclean[wds id=”19″]

MSR:  P/M Robert Crabb BEM Trophy (3 of each)
1 Richard McGrath
2 Edward Gaul
3 Dan Nevans
4 John McElmurry
5 Connor Jardine

SPSL Hornpipe & Jig:  Trophy (own choice)


Juvenile events

Juvenile   Piob
1 Finlay Cameron, Isobel MacKay
2 Harris MacLennan, King’s Taxes
3 Kyle Shead, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee

Judge: A Maclean

MSR:  British Airways Pipe Band Trophy (own choice)
1 Robbie MacIsaac
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Harris MacLennan
Judge: I McLellan

Slow Air & Jig: Highlands & Islands Society Trophy (own choice)
1 Finlay Cameron
2 Harris MacLennan
3 Holly Fredlander
Judge: A Maclean

London Champion Piper: Callum Beaumont
A Grade Overall: Nick Hudson
B Grade Overall: Andrew Donlan
C Grade Overall: Richard McGrath
Junior Champion: Finlay Cameron

CLASP Results

Overall Winners
Grade 3 Andrew Richardson
Grade 2 Con Houlihan
Grade 1 Andrew Park
Grade 3 Piobaireachd (Ground)
1st Bill Copland
2nd James Hanlon
3rd Alfred Graf
Grade 3 Full Piobaireachd 
1st Neil Scotland
2nd Bill Copland
3rd Andrew Ricahardson
Grade 2 Piobaireachd
1st James Carnegie
2nd Tom Broderick
3rd Lachlan MacDonald
Grade 1 Piobaireachd
1st Andrea Zingg
2nd Andrew Park
3rd Bradley Boxall
Grade 3 – 2/4 March
1st Andrew Richardson
2nd Joris Panis
3rd Lachlan MacDonald
Grade 3 – Strathspey and Reel
1st Joris Panis
2nd Andrew Richardson
3rd Lachlan MacDonald
Grade 2 – 2/4 March
1st Con Houlihan
2nd Bradley Boxall
3rd Andrea Zingg
Grade 2 – Strathspey and Reel
1st Bradley Boxall
2nd Con Houlihan
3rd Andrea Zingg
Grade 1 – 2/4 March
1st Enora Morice 
2nd Andrew Park
3rd Robert Frater
Grade 1 – Strathspey and Reel
1st Enora Morice
2nd Andrew Park
3rd Len Durham

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