Worlds PIpe Band Championship Grade 1 Qualifying Underway

worlds-bannerQualifying for the Grade 1 World Championship final is now underway on a dull, overcast Glasgow Green. Weathermen are predicting a temperature high of 57 degs. F with wind and intermittent rain.

Twenty – one bands will compete playing both MSR and Medley before two teams of four judges in two different arenas. The bands and their playing times are:

Grade 1 – Qualifier 1
MSR 11.00 | MED 14:30 Bleary and District
MSR 11:10 | MED 14:40 Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia
MSR 11:20 | MED 14:50 Los Angeles Scots – U.S.A
MSR 11:30 | MED 15:00 Inveraray and District
MSR 11:40 | MED 15:10 Peel Regional Police – Canada
MSR 11:50 | MED 15:20 New Zealand Police – New Zealand
MSR 12:00 | MED 15:30 Simon Fraser University – Canada
MSR 12:10 | MED 15:40 Vale of Atholl
MSR 12:20 | MED 15:50 Fife Police
MSR 12:30 | MED 16:00 Boghall and Bathgate
MSR 12:40 | MED 16:10 Spirit of Scotland

Grade 1 – Qualifier 2
MSR 11:00 | MED 14:30 Greater Glasgow Police
MSR 11:10 | MED 14:40 St Laurence O’Toole – Eire
MSR 11:20 | MED 14:50 78th Fraser Highlanders – Canada
MSR 11:30 | MED 15:00 Ravara
MSR 11:40 | MED 15:10 Ottawa Police Service  – Canada
MSR 11:50 | MED 15:20 Manawatu Scottish – New Zealand
MSR 12:00 | MED 15:30 78th H’ders (Halifax Citadel) – Canada
MSR 12:10 | MED 15:40 Bagad Cap Caval – France
MSR 12:20 | MED 15:50 Field Marshal Montgomery
MSR 12:30 | MED 16:00 Scottish Power

Adjudicator Team 1
Jim Campbell, Sam Young, Ciaran Mordaunt, Nat Russell

Adjudicator Team 2
George Wilson, William Garrett, Mark Wilson, Peter Snaddon

The judges will have the opportunity of hearing all bands. For example those in the main arena will do one set of bands playing MSR in the morning and the remaining bands’ Medleys in the afternoon.

Defending their title will be Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia, the current World Champions

If you cannot manage to Glasgow Green you can watch events in the main arena free courtesy of Glasgow Life the city’s promotions and events organisation. Online viewers will see all 21 bands compete, the first 11 with MSR and the next 10 with Medley.

Today’s stream started at 10:30 BST and runs until 18:00 BST and can be found online here.  The announcement of the 12 bands that have made it through to the final can be expected any time from 5.30pm onwards.

For tomorrow’s draws and judges click here. BBC Scotland will once again stream the main arena for the entire Grade 1 final, starting at 10:15 BST for the MSR event and again at 15:15 for the Medley event.

The March Past and results will also be streamed starting 18:30 BST. All details for Saturday can be found here. The BBC has sole rights to filming in the Grade 1 arena and at the March Past. Following breaches of these rights last year, no other video broadcasting is permitted within these areas.

ian 1The two days of competition will involve 234 bands. Fifty RSPBA officials, judges, compilers and stewards will be on duty today and 120 tomorrow. Check out the full list of all bands entered here. The event will be directed by RSPBA officials led by Chief Executive Ian Embelton (left). Mr Embelton said: ‘We have a huge entry from bands and drum majors from all over the world. We are delighted to be able to welcome them to Glasgow. Whilst we cannot control the weather we will do everything we can to help them enjoy the greatest pipe band competition in the world. We thank everyone for coming and wish them all the very best in their competitions.’

Check Piping Press later for comments and photographs from the Championships.

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