Markinch Games Results

Nine played in the Junior Piobaireachd and 11 in the Jnr. MSR. Twelve competed in both senior events. Cloudy morning, sunny afternoon. Piobaireachd events were judged by Andrew Wright and Andrew Frater and ceol beag by Jimmy Banks and Roderick Barron.
Snr. Piob.
1 Jonathan Simpson (pictured)
2 Andrew Bova
3 Callum Wynd
4 Brian Lamond
Snr. MSR
1 Dan Nevins
2 Brian Lamond
3 Calum Watson
4 Ciaren Ross

Jnr. Piob.
1 Lewis Russell
2 Liam Brown
3 Christopher Happs
4 Douglas Mair
Jnr. MSR
1 Lewis Russell
2 Douglas Mair
3 Liam Brown
4 Matthew Clark

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  1. Evening – light music was judged by Jimmy Banks and Roderick Barron (not Robert Barnes).


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