Two Impressive Sets of PIpes for Sale/ BC Pipers Results

Two fine looking sets of pipes for sale today in our Classified Ads pages. The first is a full silver set of Naill bagpipes (above), beautifully engraved, and the other a set of Sinclair plain silver pipes.

Considering the price of silver these days, good prices on both. Check them out here.

Andrew Lee recives the Open Piobaireachd trophy from judge Andrew Carlisle at the 2016 BC Pipers Gathering
Andrew Lee receives the Open Piobaireachd trophy from judge Andrew Carlisle at the 2016 BC Pipers Gathering

Posted today are the results from last weekend’s British Columbia Pipers’ Association Indoor Meet. Editor Robert Wallace writes: Seeing the results come in from Rob MacNeill reminded me that it was almost 30 years (1987) since I judged the BC Pipers Indoor Meet with the late Captain John MacLellan.

Travelling over with John, we talked piping for seven hours, me much the junior in the conversation. We stayed with the very hospitable Iain and Mary MacKinnon. Iain, John and to a lesser extent myself, went at the piping for a week non stop.

At the contest, when it came to result in the piobaireachd, John turned to me and said, ‘Well Bob what have you got?’

Nervous, unsure, I replied: ‘I have the girl Darleen Miharija first.’

‘Good’, says John in his official Army School voice, ‘that’s exactly who I have too.’

Quite a relief. Darleen got ahead of some of the big names out on the coast and she played Corrienessan’s Salute.

The new John MacLellan book

I learned a tremendous amount from John and I like to think we became good friends during this trip. He was very supportive of my career thereafter. His death was a great loss to piping and it is gratifying to see that his son Colin has now produced a book of his father’s piobaireachd music – tunes of merit which over the years will, I believe, become part of the mainstream (the Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick already has you could argue).