Lonach Games / Lochaber Gathering Preview

ArmsThose who have not entered for Lochaber should remember that one of the classic Highland games takes place up in the north-east on Saturday. Buried away in deepest Strathdon, Lonach Gathering has a tradition stretching back well into the 19th century.

That tradition is reflected in the customs such as the March of the Lonach Men (below) that precedes the games and is upheld with vigour and interest to this day.lonach-men

The piping competitions are of the highest calibre too with top line judges in attendance. There are competitions for Open Piob, MSR, Junior Piob, and a start time of 1030. Entries are taken on the field. For more information contact Dr Jack Taylor, President of the Piobaireachd Society, on jackandmarytaylor@gmail.com.

This year Lonach marks the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion with a special tribute. The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society was founded in 1823 by Sir Charles Forbes, 1st Baronet of Newe and Edinglassie (1773-1849). Membership is drawn from the inhabitants of Strathdon, who continue to fulfil the society’s original mission of preserving Highland dress and ‘supporting loyal, peaceful, and manly conduct; and the promotion of social and benevolent feelings among the inhabitants of the district.’

There will certainly be a lot of manly (and womanly) conduct to the fore at Lochaber Gathering on Saturday where more top quality piping can be heard at the Nevis Centre in Fort William. For those who can’t manage, stay tuned to Piping Press for first results. For those entered or going along to listen, here is the order of play:

Hall A:  08:30 P/A Grade Piobaireachd

  1. William Geddes
  2. J Decker Forrest
  3. Cameron Drummond
  4. Jonathan Greenlees
  5. Andrew Lee
  6. Derek Midgley
  7. Sandy Cameron
  8. Jamie Forrester
  9. Callum Beaumont
  10. Edward MacIlwaine
  11. Innes Smith
  12. William McCallum
  13. Michael Fitzhenry
  14. Finlay Johnston
  15. Jenny Hazzard
  16. John Angus Smith
  17. Euan MacCrimmon
Dr Innes Smith, one of the competitors in the P/A events
Dr Innes Smith, one of the competitors in the P/A events

Hall B:  08:30 B/C Grade Piobaireachd (Group 1)

  1. Dan Lyden
  2. Ronald Telfer
  3. John Cameron
  4. William Rowe
  5. Greig Canning
  6. Andrew Hall
  7. Calum MacLean
  8. Amber Sinclair
  9. Peter Hunt
  10. Bruce MacDonald
  11. Nick Hudson
  12. Cameron MacDougall
  13. Colin Campbell
  14. John Lee

Hall C:  08:30 B/C Grade Piobaireachd (Group 2)

  1. J Ross Cowan
  2. Robert Gray
  3. Ursa Beckford
  4. Liam Kernaghan
  5. Charles MacDonald
  6. Andrew Wright
  7. Connor Sinclair
  8. Jamie Elder
  9. Graham Mulholland
  10. Jonathon Simpson
  11. Finlay Clark
  12. James MacPhee
  13. Matthew Fraser
  14. Matt Pantaleoni

The first three placed in each group of the B/C Piobaireachd will play again in a final competition to be judged by both adjudicators.

Hall A:  15:00 P/A Grade March, Strathspey and Reel

Peter Hunt, a first prizewinner at Lochaber in the past
Peter Hunt, a first prizewinner at Lochaber in the past
  1. Euan MacCrimmon
  2. John Angus Smith
  3. Jenny Hazzard
  4. Finlay Johnston
  5. Michael Fitzhenry
  6. William McCallum
  7. Innes Smith
  8. Callum Beaumont
  9. Jamie Forrester
  10. Derek Midgley
  11. Peter Hunt
  12. Andrew Lee
  13. Jonathan Greenlees
  14. Cameron Drummond
  15. William Geddes
  16. Colin Campbell
  17. John Lee

Hall B:  15:00 B/C March, Strathspey and Reel

  1. Matt Pantaleoni
  2. Matthew Fraser
  3. J Decker Forrest
  4. James MacPhee
  5. Finlay Clark
  6. Jonathon Simpson
  7. Graham Mulholland
  8. Jamie Elder
  9. Connor Sinclair
  10. Andrew Wright
  11. Charles MacDonald
  12. Liam Kernaghan
  13. Ursa Beckford
  14. Robert Gray
  15. J Ross Cowan
  16. Cameron MacDougall
  17. Edward MacIlwaine
  18. Nick Hudson
  19. Bruce MacDonald
  20. Amber Sinclair
  21. Calum MacLean
  22. Andrew Hall
  23. Greig Canning
  24. Sandy Cameron
  25. William Rowe
  26. John Cameron
  27. Ronald Telfer
  28. Dan Lyden
Another winner at Lochaber in the past, Matt Pantaleoni from St Louis, Missouri
Another winner at Lochaber in the past, Matt Pantaleoni from St Louis, Missouri

Hall C: 15:00 Open Hornpipe and Jig

  1. Andrew Lee
  2. J Ross Cowan
  3. Jonathan Greenlees
  4. John Lee
  5. Cameron Drummond
  6. Ursa Beckford
  7. Liam Kernaghan
  8. Charles MacDonald
  9. Connor Sinclair
  10. Jamie Elder
  11. Graham Mulholland
  12. Jonathon Simpson
  13. Finlay Clark
  14. James MacPhee
  15. J Decker Forrest
  16. Matthew Fraser
  17. Peter Hunt
  18. William Geddes
  19. Euan MacCrimmon
  20. Matt Pantaleoni
  21. Robert Gray
  22. William McCallum
  23. Dan Lyden
  24. Ronald Telfer
  25. John Angus Smith
  26. Jenny Hazzard
  27. John Cameron
  28. Finlay Johnston
  29. William Rowe
  30. Michael Fitzhenry
  31. Greig Canning
  32. Andrew Hall
  33. Calum MacLean
  34. Amber Sinclair
  35. Bruce MacDonald
  36. Nick Hudson
  37. Cameron MacDougall
  38. Callum Beaumont
  39. Colin Campbell
  40. Jamie Forrester
  41. Sandy Cameron
  42. Derek Midgley
  43. Innes Smith
  44. Andrew Wright

Junior Competitions

Hall C:  11:30 15 & Under Piobaireachd

1.  Hamish Drennan
2.  Eòsaph Caimbeul
3.  Martin MacRae
4.  Angus F MacPhee
5.  Finlay Cameron
6.  Andrew Ferguson
7.  Calum Craib
8.  Matthew McSherffrey

18 & Under Piobaireachd

1.  Donald Stewart
2.  Harris MacLennan
3.  Connor Jardine
4.  Brìghde Chaimbeul
5.  Ally Weir
6.  Archie Drennan

15 & Under March, Strathspey & Reel

1.  Alexander M Anderson
2.  Calum Craib
3.  Andrew Ferguson
4.  Finlay Cameron
5.  Angus F MacPhee
6.  Martin MacRae
7.  Eòsaph Caimbeul
8.  Hamish Drennan
9.  Matthew McSherffrey

18 & Under March, Strathspey & Reel

1.  Archie Drennan
2.  Ally Weir
3.  Brìghde Chaimbeul
4.  Connor Jardine
5.  Harris MacLennan
6.  Donald Stewart

15 & Under Hornpipe & Jig

1.  Finlay Cameron
2.  Andrew Ferguson
3.  Angus F MacPhee
4.  Martin MacRae
5.  Eòsaph Caimbeul
6.  Hamish Drennan
7.  Calum Craib
8.  Alexander M Anderson
9.  Matthew McSherffrey

18 & Under Hornpipe & Jig

1.  Connor Jardine
2.  Harris MacLennan
3.  Donald Stewart
4.  Archie Drennan
5.  Ally Weir
6.  Brìghde Chaimbeul


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  1. Meanwhile if there’s anyone left there’s also games at Invergordon and Glenurquhart

  2. What does the blue flag in the photograph at the beginning of the article represent. It looks like the Red Hand of Ulster in the middle.

    1. The blue flag has the arms of Clan Forbes, with the red hand emblem of a baronet in the middle so I would assume it’s the crest of the chap who founded the Lonach Highlanders and the Gathering (Sir Charles Forbes, Baronet Newe).

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