Dougie Ferguson

Dougie Ferguson, a noted piper and competitor in the 1960s and 70s, has died peacefully in Argyll & Bute Hospital, Lochgilphead. Excelling in light music, Dougie was the winner of the Former Winners MSR at the Argyllshire Gathering plus many other awards. He was a pupil of P/M Donald MacLeod and a regular visitor to Grainger and Campbell’s shop in Argyll Street. It was there he met well-known Canadian piper Alan Walters also studying with P/M MacLeod. Alan went to live with Dougie and his family in Kirkintilloch for the duration of his stay in Scotland, the family’s kindness and generosity never forgotten. Dougie was noted for the musicality of his playing and in some ways mirrored the light touch of mentor P/M MacLeod. Dougie worked as a fireman and was a native if Lagavullin on the island of Islay. Our condolences to his family at this time and if any reader would like to share a memory or two, please email

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