PP Ed's Blog: WW2 Pipes/ Piobaireachd Society Conference/ CoP Lecture

A couple of weeks ago we highlighted a request from RSPBA Vice Chairman John Hughes for information about a set of pipes presented to his uncle, PoW William Chisholm, during WW2. The pipes had a plaque on them which indicated they may have arrived in Germany via the Piobaireachd Society. We asked if any other readers had similar sets. I was pleased to hear from Iain Duncan, the former archivist…

RSPBA Vice Chairman's Bid to Trace Uncle's Pipes from World War 2

RSPBA Vice Chairman John Hughes has contacted the Editor: ‘Just doing a bit of research into a shield that was presented to my uncle William Chisholm in 1943 from the Piobaireachd Society and with your extensive knowledge of the solo piping scene I thought I would seek your assistance. ‘I’ve attached an image of the shield and wondered if you had any insight into why it would have been presented….