Set of Silver Naill Pipes for Sale/ Victoria Piping Results

Seller Katrina Harris: I am selling a high quality set of pipes by David Naill and Co. They are the DN4A model, African Blackwood, fully combed and beaded with imitation ivory projecting mounts and hallmarked Sterling silver ferrules, slides and ring caps.

The set also has closed end ferrules on the centre and top joints, and a full plain solid silver mouthpiece. They were my brother’s but he can now no longer play after suffering a cerebral attack. The pipes are in very good condition as can be seen from the photographs.

Current retail price for a new set of DN4A pipes is well over £2,000. Looking for £1600 ono. Tel 07930 854272.

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Victorian Pipers’ Association

Jonathan Quay, President: Here are the results and link to the master sheet for the first contest of the Victorian Pipers’ Association (VPA) solo piping season in Victoria, Australia.

Some background info. The VPA season consists of five ‘local’ contests from April through to July with our sixth contest being the Victorian Championships being held this year on July 27th. The contest season includes three metropolitan and three regional contests so that we cater to both our city and country pipers.

There is an aggregate table as well, with the winners of each season being awarded the ‘Piper of the Year’ quaich for each grade, A, B, C, D and Novice. Our contests events include March and Strathspey/Reel, Hornpipe/Jig for A, B and C grades, and Slow air for the Novice grade. Piobaireachd spans across all grades.

Our first contest was held at Haileybury College on Saturday, April 28th, we had Martin Frewen from Sydney (originally NZ) as our guest judge, as well as local judges. A total of 37 competitors attended across the grades.

‘A’ Piob., (4 tunes), Judge M Frewen: 1 Ian Lyons 2 Struan Thorpe 3 Jonathan Quay 4 Josh Chandler 5 Simon Gibson
‘A’ 2/4 March, Judge M Fraser: 1 Struan Thorpe 2 Jack Watson 3 Jonathan Quay 4 Josh Chandler 5 Ian Lyons
‘A’ S&R, Judge M Frewen: 1 Jack Watson 2 Struan Thorpe 3 Josh Chandler 4 Ian Lyons 5 Jonathan Quay
‘A’ H&J, Judge S Blackshaw: 1 Ian Lyons 2 Jonathan Quay 3 Jack Watson 4 Josh Chandler

‘B’ Piob., Judge M Frewen: 1 Michael Zhang 2 Robert Wilkinson 3 John Cutler 4 Campbell Wilson (Aus)
‘B’ March, Judge M Fraser: 1 Cameron Ely 2 Simon Gibson 3 Campbell Wilson 4 Michael Zhang 5 Robert Wilkinson
‘B’ S&R, Judge K Belcher: 1 Cameron Ely 2 Michael Zhang 3 Simon Gibson
‘B’ H&J, Judge S Blackshaw: 1 Simon Gibson 2 Michael Zhang 3 Cameron Ely 4 Campbell Wilson

‘C’ Piob., Judge M Frewen: 1 Jasmine Hofen 2 Lyn Vanos 3 Finlay Parsons
‘C’ March, Judge M Fraser: 1 Finlay Parsons 2 Jessie Sun 3 Jess Jeffrey 4 Jasmine Hofen 5 Stephanie Scott
‘C’ S&R, Judge K Belcher: 1 Jessie Sun 2 Jasmine Hofen 3 Stephanie Scott 4 Jess Jeffrey 5 John Cutler
‘C’ H&J, Judge S Blackshaw: 1 Jessie Sun 2 Jess Jeffrey 3 Finlay Parsons 4 Jasmine Hofen 5 Stephanie Scott

Results master sheet:

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