New Classic Catalogue from McCallum Bagpipes/ Band Offer for Balmoral Winter Workshop

McCallum Bagpipes have produced a new catalogue for their Classic Bagpipes range. If you are a PP advertiser why not let us know about your new products and company developments. You’ll reach thousands of potential customers every day. Check out McCallum’s high quality catalogue here:

Download a copy here.

Elaine Lee at Balmoral Schools: ‘Balmoral has made some additions to our Winter Workshop curriculum that we’re hoping you might let your readership know about.  We have a special deal for bands who send us at least a few members, offering band clinics specially tailored to their bands.

‘In addition, we’re offering sessions on using tech to enhance learning in lessons, workshops and practices. All classes and recitals from the workshop will be recorded and made available to students for three moths from the date they’re posted. This will include classes that the students weren’t able to attend, due to scheduling, so that students will benefit from everything we’re offering. The Workshop runs from February 19-21, 2021.

Bring at least a few members of your pipe band to Balmoral and you’ll receive a highly customizable band clinic, tailored to your band’s needs, as part of your Winter Workshop. Band clinics include:

  • Tuning a Pipe Band
  • Selecting a Band Medley
  • Refining a Band Medley 
  • Ensemble Playing for Pipers
  • Ensemble playing for Drummers
  • Band Craft

Our latest addition to Balmoral’s curriculum – Sessions on using technology to enhance learning in Lessons, Workshops, and Band Practices. 

See and Hear it All!  Recordings of all classes—even those you do not attend—along with Workshop Recitals, will be made available to students, for a period of three months after they are posted.

The cost of our 3-day, remote-learning session is $275 USD. Refer new students and you’ll receive $50 off the price of the workshop for every new student who attends.

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