PP Lockdown Painting Challenge – Gallery of Submissions

Above is a detail from the last submission for the PP Lockdown Artwork Challenge. It’s from Brian McKee who writes: ‘This is a pastel portrait I drew of my uncle Dave McKee, Pipe-Major of the Stockyards Kilty Band. I don’t know if it’s too late to be a part of your event, but I thought I’d give it a go!’ 

View Brian’s drawing full size in the gallery below. All submissions will now be forwarded to the judge Robert Mathieson who will pick out the first, second and third prizes.

‘Creativity takes courage’…

Henri Matisse

Out of interest, we thought we should throw things open to the readership to give you all a chance to vote for your favourites too. There’s a poll below and we hope as many readers as possible will take part. Robert’s decision will be final but your opinion is valued.

Here’s the gallery with the pictures numbered 1-13. Use the pause button to take time to consider the various entries:

A big thank you to all those who took part. We hope this light hearted endeavour offered some recreation during what were the worst months of the global pandemic lockdown. As with the Composition and Essay Challenges, we believe several excellent works have been produced as result of these competitions.

Adjudicator Mathieson’s decision, and the results of the reader survey, will be published in due course and prizes announced thereafter.

So here’s the poll where you can place your vote for your favourite three. Please indicate your first, second and third preferences in the comment box below the numbered list:


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