George Sherriff Amateur Invitational Results – Updated with Tunes and Pictures

Judges and competitors at ‘the Sherriff’ 2019

This top amateur piping event was held yesterday in St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario. Judges were James MacGillivray, Michael Grey and Glenn Brown. Promoter is the Music Board of the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario. This was the 24th running of ‘the Sherriff’.

6/8 Marches:
1. Colin Johnstone, Ellenorr & Mrs. MacDonald of Uig
2. Alistair Bevan, Major John MacLennan & Cameron MacFadyen
3. Kevin Darmadi, Jean Mauchline & Kenneth J. MacLeod
4. Joseph Horwath, Games Day at Aboyne & Pipe Major Scott Ruscoe
5. Liam Melville, Fairview Cottage & Banks of the Farrar

1. Tyler Destremps, MacKay’s Banner
2. Liam Melville, Salute to Donald
3. Colin Johnstone, Lord Lovat’s Lament
4. Liam MacDonald, Hector MacLean’s Warning
5. Alistair Bevan, Nameless, Hiharin Dro o Dro

March, Strathspey & Reel:
1. Alistair Bevan, Knightswood Ceilidh, Dorrator Bridge, MacKay from Skye
2. Colin Johnstone, Dr Allan MacDonald, Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn, Cockerel in the Creel
3. Tyler Destremps, Jeannie Carruthers, Fiddler’s Joy, Arnish Light
4. Blaise Theriault, Maj. Manson at Clachantrushal, Cabar Feidh, The Ferryman
5. Liam Melville, John MacDonald’s Welcome to South Uist, Lady Louden, Rejected Suitor

Overall Results:
1st Colin Johnstone
2nd Alistair Bevan
3rd Tyler Destremps
4th Liam Melville
5th Kevin Darmadi

McCallum Bagpipes donated an engraved set of MacRae pipes for the overall winner.  Chanters were donated by  R.G. Hardie, and David Naill.  Additional prizes were awarded from Michael Grey, Donald MacPhee, Scott’s Highland Services, the PPBSO, and others.

The players played two 6/8 marches of their own choice in the morning, a selected piobaireachd in the afternoon, and a selected march, strathspey and reel in the evening. The evening performances were recorded and will be posted on the contest website.

The 2019 performers were:

ALISTAIR BEVAN (Abbotsford, British Columbia)
KEVIN DARMADI (Houston, Texas)
TYLER DESTREMPS (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
JOSEPH HORWATH (Saginaw, Michigan)
COLIN JOHNSTONE (Aurora, Ontario)

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STUART MARSHALL (Greensboro, North Carolina)
LIAM MELVILLE (Carleton Place, Ontario)
LIAM MACDONALD (Wellesley, Ontario)
CHARLES MORRIS (Agoura Hills, California)
BLAISE THERIAULT (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

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