Archie Kenneth Quaich Competition/ World Solo Drumming

The Piobaireachd Society website is carrying the following notice:

The twenty-eighth annual amateur piobaireachd competition for the Archie Kenneth Quaich will take place on Saturday, 29th February 2020, in the rooms of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, 127 Rose Street Lane South, Edinburgh, starting at 09.30 a.m. 

The competition is promoted by the Piobaireachd Society. Entries and enquiries to:  

Competitors should submit two tunes with their entries, one of which they will be asked to play on the day. Players will receive the name of the tune selected by the judges in the final tuning room. Competitors may not submit any tune with which they have previously won first prize in the competition.

Conditions for eligibility are as follows:

  1. Competitors must be aged 18 or over.
  2. Competitors must be amateur pipers. An amateur piper is someone who has never accepted a money prize in a senior solo competition. 
  3. Anyone in doubt about their eligibility to play should contact the
    competition organiser for advice.
Last year’s prizewinners at the AKQ

This competition has been increasingly popular in recent years. In the event that there are significantly more than 25 entries there will be a ballot, and the first 25 entries drawn will be selected to play, plus reserves. Those who are unsuccessful in this ballot will be definite confirmed entries for the 2021 competition, if they intend to enter that. 

Judges at the first Archie Kenneth Quaich in 1993, David Aitken and Malcolm McRae

The ballot, if needed, will be drawn on 14th December 2019 to allow those travelling from abroad to make plans accordingly. Therefore 13th December is the closing date for entries.

The World Solo Drumming Championship takes place in Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturday Oct 19. Get tickets for the Adult final by calling 0141 353 8000 or online by clicking here

1 12:15 Heat 1 – Qualifier 4
2 12:23 Thomas Barnes – Scottish Power
3 12:31 David Henderson – Glasgow Police
4 12:39 Heat 1 – Qualifier 2
5 12:47 Heat 1 – Qualifier 1
6 12:55 Craig Lawrie – St Laurence O’Toole (Eire)
7 13:03 Jake Joergensen – Scottish Power
8 13:11 Cameron Spence – Police Scotland Fife
9 13:19 Heat 1 – Qualifier 3
10 13:27 Rachel Thom – Glasgow Police
11 13:35 Les Galbraith – Johnstone 
12 13:43 Derek Cooper – Inveraray and District
13 13:51 Jamie Clark – Police Scotland Fife
14 13:59 Stephen McWhirter – Inveraray and District

Adjudicators: Jim Baxter, David Brown and Alec Dudgeon

15 12:15 Calum Burns – Peoples Ford Boghall and Bathgate Caledonia
16 12:23 Christopher McNicholl – Inveraray and District
17 12:31 Steven Shedden – Hawthorn (Australia)
18 12:39 Heat 2 – Qualifier 2
19 12:47 Gareth McLees – Field Marshal Montgomery
20 12:55 Richard Baughman – Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
21 13:03 Gurvan Sicard – Inveraray and District
22 13:11 Heat 2 – Qualifier 3
23 13:19 Heat 2 – Qualifier 1 
24 13:27 Stephen Creighton – St Laurence O’Toole – Eire
25 13:35 Grant Cassidy – Uddingston Strathclyde
26 13:43 William Glenholmes – Lomond and Clyde
27 13:51 Heat 2 – Qualifier 4

Adjudicators : Paul Turner, Paul Brown and Duncan Millar

The final begins at 3pm with results expected circa. 6.30pm. Judges for the Adult MSR final are: Gordon Craig, Gordon Parkes, Lee Innes and Bill Black. Judges for the Adult H&J final are: Ciaran Mordaunt, Greg Dinsdale, Stuart Coils and Brian Martin

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