Student Callum Conducts ‘Piping Revival’ Survey

Young piper Callum Wynd is conducting a survey on piping as part of his Glasgow University studies and has asked if he can enlist the help of Piping Press readers.

Callum started learning the pipes aged nine.  He was originally taught by P/M Sandy Davidson MBE in school.

After Sandy retired, he was taught by Chris Gibb, and for the last ten years has received instruction from Andrew Wright.

Callum joined the Glasgow Police Pipe Band in 2014, after  five years with Stirling Schools under Chris.

Callum is currently a student at Glasgow University, studying Scottish History and Business Management.

Callum writes: ‘I am a fourth-year student and I’m writing a dissertation on ‘The Revival of Highland Bagpiping in Scotland from 1945 until the Present Day’.

‘I need the help of pipers educated in Scotland to give me information of when and where they learned to play using an on-line survey as per the link below. 

‘The survey will take a matter of minutes to complete.

‘The results could be useful to many of us, so once the dissertation has been submitted, I will circulate the results of the survey.

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‘Please complete the survey by 24th December so that I can work on the findings over the holidays.’

As he says questions for survey are very easy to complete so please help Callum if you can. Examples

Were you born in: 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s or 2000s

Which region of Scotland were you living in when you learned to play?

What age were you when you started playing?

Callum, second from the right, and his colleagues in the Glasgow Police Pipe Band

How were you taught initially?

Did you play in a junior pipe band?

Did you join an adult pipe band?

Were you encouraged to compete in solo piping competitions?

Are you still in a pipe band?

  • Click here to help Callum with his survey.

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