Festival of Juvenile Solo Piping Results

Festival of Juvenile Solo Piping Competition, Auchenharvie Academy, Stevenston. Saturday, 20th October 2018

Gerard McClumpha, Event Co-ordinator: Attached are the results of this year’s event. With over 200 entries, running five separate arenas, we actually finished ahead of schedule and were out the door before 5pm! Unheard of anywhere?! Keen competition in every event and all agreeing a very high standard involved. The above picture shows all the prize winners from the afternoon’s competitions


10 yrs & Under
1 Katy Ann Thompson, Ayr Pipe Band Society
2 Mason Morrison, Alloway
3 Leah Munro, Boghall & Bathgate PB

Chanter Champion, Mark Morrison, Alloway, with judge P/M David Clark

11 yrs & Under
1 Joanne Will, Linwood
2 Rhys Franchetti, 1st Largs BB

12 yrs & Under: Ross McKay, Stirling

14 yrs & Under
1 Chloe McMaster, Dalry
2 Emily Cooper, Garnock Valley P&D

Morning prizewinners

Open Slow Air
1 Harris Morford, Corberry Park Pipers
2 Mason Morrison
3 Emily Cooper

Chanter Champion: Mason Morrison

‘Best Prospect’: Owen McCreadie, Livingston

10 yrs & Under: Harry Devlin, Renfrew

11 yrs & Under
1 Corey Anderson, Corberry Park Pipers
2 James Simpson, Kilbarchan PB
3 Liam Munro, Boghall & Bathgate PB
4 Charlie Devlin, Renfrew

12 yrs & Under
1 Ryan McCreadie, Boghall & Bathgate
2 Gregor Grierson, Dumfries
3 Corey Anderson
4 Callum Barton,  Renfrew Schools PB

Junior Champion, Luke Kennedy with Event Co-ordinator Gerard McClumpha

Best in Branch: Thomas Calley, Garnock Valley P&D

13 yrs & Under
1 Gregor Grierson
2 Amy McIntyre, N. Lanark Schools PB
3 Ryan McCreadie
4 Ewan Allen, W. Lothian Schools PB

Best in Branch: Katie Roy, Irvine PB

14 yrs & Under
1 Andrew McCrindle, Johnstone PB
2 Joshua Reilly, Glenrothes
3 Archie Clark, Crieff
4 Keir Martin, Ayr Pipe Band Society

Best in Branch: Connor Muirhead, 1st Largs BB PB

15 yrs & Under /March
1 Luke Kennedy, Shotts & Dykehead Cal PB
2 Hazel Whyte, N. Lanark Schools PB
3 Finlay Peden, W. Lothian Schools PB
4 Andrew Knowles, Edinburgh

Best in Branch: Calum Ramsay, Caledonian Piping Club

Senior Champion, Ross Conner with Event Co-ordinator Gerard McClumpha

15 yrs  Under Strath/Reel
1 Luke Kennedy
2 Cameron May, Lesmahagow
3 Andrew Knowles
4 Hazel Whyte

16 yrs & Under MSR
1 Ross Conner, Campbeltown
2 Brodie Watson-Massey, George Harriot’s Col.
3 Cameron May
4 Luke Kennedy

Best in Branch: Tia McLanaghan, Ayr Pipe Band Society

17 yrs & Under MSR
1 Brodie Watson-Massey
2 Ryan Cupples-Menendez, Field Marshall Montgomery
3 Tomas Young, Islay PB
4 Ross Conner

18 yrs & Under MSR
1 Ryan Cupples-Menendez

Under 16 Junior Pibroch
1 Gregor Grierson, Dumfries
2 Joshua Reilly, Glenrothes
3 Mark Morrison, Alexandria
4 Ewan Allen, W. Lothian Schools PB

Worthy Champions! Luke Kennedy and Ross Conner with their unique trophies

Under 17  Intermediate Pibroch
1 Luke Kennedy
2 Andrew Knowles
3 Hazel Whyte
4 Finlay Peden

Under 19 Senior Pibroch
1 Brodie Watson-Massey
2 Ryan Cupples-Menendez
3 Ross Conner

Open Jig – Colin McCallum Trophy
1 Ross Conner
2 Brodie Watson-Massey
3 Ryan Cupples-Menendez
4 Luke Kennedy

Best Presented Piper: Benjamin Vosloo, Johnstone PB

Junior Champion: Luke Kennedy

Senior Champion: Ross Conner

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