Argyllshire Gathering 2018 Results: Complete Results from Day 1

Four of the major piobaireachd competitions in world piping were held today in Oban, Argyll.

Stuart Easton from New Zealand became the seventh winner of the coveted Gold Medal from that country. Winner of the Senior Piobaireachd was Stuart Liddell (pictured above). Darach Urquhart from Kyle won the Silver Medal. All results below.

Andrew Ferguson, a piper with Dollar Academy, won the MacGregor Memorial for intermediate ceol mor. Other results as we get them.

King kiwi…….Stuart Easton, the 2018 Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medallist

Gold Medal
1 Stuart Easton, Brother’s Lament
2 Derek Midgley
3 Glenn Brown
4 Peter McCalister, Young Laird of Dungallon’s Salute
5 Innes Smith
Judges: I Duncan, Dr A MacDonald, J Wilson

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Silver Medal
1 Darach Urquhart, Chisholm’s Salute
2 Andrew Donlon, MacLeod’s Salute
3 Zephan Knichel, Desperate Battle
4 Greig Canning, MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart
5 Alex Gandy, Glengarry’s March (D McD)
Judges: A Forbes, R MacShannon, W Morrison

Senior Piobaireachd
1 Stuart Liddell, Salute to the Cairn at Borreraig
2 Angus MacColl, Good Health to You Donald
3 Finlay Johnston, Good Health to You Donald
4 Callum Beaumont, Mrs Smith’s Salute
5 Greg Wilson
Judges: M McRae, J Taylor, R Worrall

Prizewinners in the MacGregor: Bobby Allen, Andrew Ferguson, Calum Brown and Josh Chandler. Andrew now plays for the Silver Medal next year

MacGregor Memorial Piobaireachd
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Calum Brown
3 Robert Allan
4 Josh Chandler
Judges for the final: A Johnston, A Maclean, T Speirs, W Wotherspoon

Former Winners’ MSR
1 Angus MacColl, Mrs John MacColl, Shepherd’s Crook, Pretty Marion
2 Stuart Liddell
3 William McCallum
4 Ian K MacDonald
5 Bruce Gandy
Judges: M Henderson, W Livingstone, I MacFadyen,

• Stay tuned to Piping Press for results from the Argyllshire Gathering Day 2.

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3 thoughts on “Argyllshire Gathering 2018 Results: Complete Results from Day 1

  1. Yes. I agree. The field is prepared on Wednesday and I was extremely disappointed to find the speakers so close to the platforms. Especially the March. I turned them away but this had little effect. I then instructed them to be turned off but this was not possible as this was a link connecting all speakers. The best that I was able to arrange was switching off the speakers on the Grandstand side. This happened at about 12.
    Torquil, Piping Steward

  2. Two days of really impressive piping – congratulations to all who took part.
    But why do the Gathering organisers have tannoy loudspeakers so close to virtually all the piping events at Mossfield? Time and again competitors performances were drowned out by tannoy announcements – I saw judges at two different events struggling in vain to listen to pipers playing in front of them. This cannot be fair to the competing pipers.

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