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Listening to Field Marshal’s MSR from the All-Irelands last weekend, did I detect a very slight disconnect between drums and pipes in the last few parts of Pretty Marion? Wrong to make assumptions based on videos of course, all sorts of things get altered in transmission. I may be talking rubbish, but it would tie in with the ensemble judge placing them behind SLoT. Have a listen:

Those who read yesterday’s piece on band MSRs will get a chance to judge for themselves where the top bands are at at the Scottish Championships at Dumbarton in a couple of weeks (July 28). Here is the draw in G1 courtesy the RSPBA:
14:20 Lomond & Clyde
14:30 Boghall
14:40 Glasgow Police
14:50 Glasgow Skye
15:00 Buchan Peterson
15:10 Denny & Dunipace
15:20 Johnstone
15:30 Shotts
15:40 Field Marshal
15:50 Inveraray
16:00 PSNI
16:10 Scottish Power
16:20 Fife Police
16:30 Vale of Atholl
16:40 SLoT

Last year’s top six? 1 Inveraray (pictured top) 2 FM 3 SloT 4 Power 5 Shotts 6 Fife Pol. so one and two go head to head on the draw.
Admission is free – no excuse for not being there and please feel free to offer your tuppence worth on the playing in our comment section.

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Reader Archie MacKechnie: ‘I was writing to enquire on how to submit a tune to Piping Press. After my 2/4 march composition won the ‘Piping Hit’ competition at the Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships, I was recommended to submit my tune to you!’

Just send it along Archie and we’ll give it a show on PP. We always like to encourage composers and congrats at winning the SSPBC contest.

Another request: ‘I play with the Malmö City Police band in Sweden and am interested in music for combined band and pipes. Do you have accessible settings (band & pipe scores) or do you know where I can find such?’ John McWilliam jsmcwilliam@gmail.com
Please email John if you can help.

Tickets are selling well for the Piobaireachd Society’s concert to be held in Edinburgh on August 12. If you don’t have yours yet here’s the Fringe box office link; £10/£8 and this includes a free colour programme. Here’s an excerpt from it: ‘The Piobaireachd Society was formed in 1903 to encourage the study and playing of this music. It has collected most of the available piobaireachd manuscripts and published several books which have promoted the music worldwide. In addition the Society has now developed a comprehensive website with sound files, manuscripts, new music, photographs and other information all designed to encourage the understanding and playing of piobaireachd.

‘The Society currently sponsors important piping competitions held annually in London and at Oban and Inverness. The Society believes tonight’s concert provides an opportunity for music devotees to hear this fascinating music, some for the first time. The wonderful setting of St Cecilia’s Hall and the expert pipers performing for you tonight will, we hope, enhance everyone’s enjoyment of Scotland’s hidden treasure of classical pipe music.’

Those who can’t manage will be able to watch and listen a few months hence via the Society’s YouTube channel. A professional video company has been hired to do the necessary on the evening ensuring this will be a quality recording of the evening. However, there is nothing quite like live music, is there?

Rudi Schils in Belgium: ‘The Scottish Weekend celebrates its 33rd birthday on September 7, 8 and 9. Also in 2018, the land commandery of Alden Biesen will turn into a European focal point. Pipe bands, dancers, folk musicians, exhibitors and visitors from all over Europe will descend on Rijkhoven – Bilzen. We are honoured to welcome the band of the Scots Guards at Alden Biesen this year. A band founded by King Charles I, that supported the troops  at Ypres and at the Somme during WWI. They will be our guests of honour at the 33rd Scottish Weekend.

‘The Scottish Weekend traditionally guarantees folk performances on Friday & Saturday night. Even during the day, you will be able to enjoy more intimate sets at different locations. Of course we will present the open Belgian Pipe Band – and Highland Dancing Championships on Saturday. There will be all kinds of activities for young and old. During the Scottish Weekend, you can enjoy 15 different live concerts. Mark your calendars already for the Scots Guards! Visitors can already buy their tickets now, at www.schotsweekend.be to enjoy major discounts.’

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1 thought on “PP Ed’s Blog: Band MSRs/ Publishing Tunes/ Brass & Pipe Music/ PS Concert/ Alden Biesen

  1. Rab,
    your right ,in fact the drums were ahead of the pipes throughout that performance (if that video is true) ..pipes great, drums mediocre and ensemble awful.
    best regards

    Andy D

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