Ceol Mor Concert Tickets Available/ AG Judges/ Blair Atholl Gathering

Tickets for the eagerly anticipated concert of ceol mor to be held in Edinburgh this August are now on sale via the Fringe Festival Box Office priced £10. The date is Sunday, August 12, at 7pm. The venue is the newly refurbished, 200-seat St Cecilia’s Hall, Edinburgh. The concert is expected to finish around 9.30pm and there will be a small reception afterwards.

Click here to reserve your briefs for what will be an enjoyable evening of classical pipe music played by four expert pipers. ‘Classical Pipe Music – Scotland’s Hidden Treasure’ is promoted by the Piobaireachd Society and features the playing of Callum Beaumont, Glenn Brown, Jamie Forrester and Ian K. MacDonald (all pictured above). Each will play two tunes in the following order:

A Flame of Wrath for Squinting Patrick…………Ian K MacDonald

Beloved Scotland…………………………………Glenn Brown

Caber Feidh Gu Bragh………………………… Jamie Forrester

The Phantom Piper of Corrieyairick………………Callum Beaumont


The  Prince’s Salute…………………………Ian K MacDonald

MacLeod’s Controversy……………………………Glenn Brown

Lament for the Children………………………Callum Beaumont

The Desperate Battle of the Birds… ……………Jamie Forrester

The tunes will be played in continuous fashion with no tuning. This format was pioneered successfully at a concert run by Allan MacDonald at the Edinburgh Festival in 1999. The music has been chosen to reflect the wide variety that exists within the piobaireachd canon and it includes relatively modern pieces in P/M Donald MacLeod’s Caber Feidh Gu Bragh and Captain John MacLellan’s Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick.

The entrance fee includes a comprehensive concert programme detailing the history of the music and the tunes played.

The front cover of the concert programme

Piobaireachd Society President Jack Taylor said: ‘Most people never hear piobaireachd, and know nothing of it. Its few devotees must spend long days at competitions and endure obsessive tuning to quench their thirst. By having this concert on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we will condense and finesse the experience, and allow the full beauty of our music to be heard by a wider audience. The venue is perfect, and the continuous stream of the best tunes played by world experts without the distraction of tuning will surely mesmerise even the most sceptical. Ears and eyes will be opened to what must be Scotland’s best kept  musical secret.’ 

Tickets here.

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The Argyllshire Gathering have announced the judges for their two-day event to be held on August 22/23:
Snr. Piob: M McRae, J Taylor, R Worrall
Gold Medal:  A MacDonald, J Wilson
Silver Medal: A Forbes, R MacShannon, W Morrison
MacGregor: A Johnston, A Maclean, T Speirs, W Wotherspoon

Blair Atholl Gathering will be held this Sunday, May 27, with a very healthy entry in the seniors and nine in the juniors.

The Atholl Highlanders will have their annual parade in the Blair Castle grounds on Saturday afternoon May 26 and will also be on parade at the games. They then head to northern France for a tour commemorating the end of WW1.

Playing order in P/A Piob (three tunes, five prizes):
P McCalister
C MacDougall
Glenn Brown
J Greenlees
G Mulholland
B Mulhearn
S Cameron
AJ MacColl
D Urquhart
G McCready
S Muir
AD MacColl
A Boyd
C Beaumont
P/A Piob Judges: A Forbes, W Morrison

Playing order in B Piob (three tunes, five prizes):
P MacGregor
Charles MacDonald
C Brown
W Rowe
Caitlin MacDonald
L Dick
C Martin
E Gaul
S Leask
C Lee
Ben Mulhearn
J Dew
J Elder
J Cameron
S Gray
F Cameron
E Ianneta-Mackay
A Bova
G Canning
R McCrindle
G Barclay
B Duncan
C Wynd
B Piob Judges: R Clark, J Wilson

Playing order in C Piob (three tunes, five prizes):
D McRobb
E Morice
A Ferguson
A Drennan
A Yu
G MacIvor
F Frame
B Parker
D Nevans
A MacPhee
C MacLean
C Piob Judges: G Clark, T Speirs

In the ceol beag events there will be two MSR heats on separate boards (three tunes of each asked for) with five competitors from each going forward to the final. Light music judges: B Donaldson, B Hitchings, R MacShannon, L Tannock. A Hornpipe & Jig event will be held – own choice. It will be judged by Messrs Hitchings and Tannock. B Donaldson and R MacShannon will form the bench for the MSR final.


Junior judges: A Maclean, A Spalding, five prizes in each event.

Stay tuned to Piping Press for the results as we get them.

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