The MacIntyre Pipers of Perthshire/ Lullaby for Iain by Captain John MacLellan

Keith Sanger

We are grateful to piping historian Keith Sanger (left) for making his detailed research on the MacIntyre family of pipers available to readers.

Keith’s research shows the links the family had with the MacCrimmons and also gives us interesting background into a family which won many prizes in the early competition in Edinburgh and Falkirk and who composed such masterworks as the piobaireachd the Prince’s Salute, My King Has Landed in Moidart and the Battle of Sherrifmuir. This poster from 1785 lists some of the MacIntyres mentioned in Keith’s article:

The 1785 poster from the writer’s collection

Read the full article here.

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In an earlier article the editor mentioned a piobaireachd composed by Captain John MacLellan (pictured top) and recorded by him (the editor) for a BBC radio broadcast in 1989.

He has now found the recording and it has been posted on the PP Audio Archive. The score for the tune was included in the earlier article which can be read here. Listen to the recording below. It is introduced by the late Lt Col David Murray and features the first broadcast of a 6/8 march Mrs Audrey Hewlett by Australian composer Peter Hewlett.

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