More Details of New England Pipe & Drum Academy

New England Pipe & Drum Academy committee member Bruce Landay has sent this from Massachusetts:  As in past years, I want to remind everyone that the New England Piping & Drumming Academy will be held at the Adelynrood Retreat in Byfield, MA, June 16-21.
On the piping side, faculty will include Rob Wallace, Matt Pantaleoni and Donald McBride.  On the drumming side, we are fortunate to have Tommy Johnston for the first time.  You can read up on all of the details and the instructors’ backgrounds at  and also on our Facebook page.
Tommy is the co-proprietor of the Pipe Dreams reedmaking business and has kindly agreed to give a reed workshop on the Sunday afternoon of the camp (June 18). This will be free to students and open to outside visitors who will be asked to make a donation for attendance.
We will have our parade in the nearby town of Newburyport as usual and all the other enjoyable events associated with the Academy. It is not all hard work!

We have done our best this year to minimize the loss of workdays for adult students by starting on Friday afternoon/evening and including a full weekend.  One would really only miss two workdays (the last day is just breakfast and farewell, so a day student could skip that).  For those who can’t get away for the full session, it’s possible to pick and choose your days.  IF ANY TWO members from a band attend, each will get a $50 discount. Bands who send groups of pipers or drummers can get specific group coaching on their band sets.

Some of you have been there, at least for the final concert.  Adelynrood is a great place, it’s in our North Shore backyard and affords us all the chance to get some concentrated piping/drumming instruction time as day students – saving $$$.  No need to travel, stay in hotels or camp out!  Something to do for certain idle retirees amongst us!  I hope you’ll take a serious look!

The academy has produced  a new flyer which I hope readers will download and circulate:

The super new NEPADA flyer

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