George Watson’s Invitational Competition Results

Following hot on the heels of the Glasgow Highland Club competition on March 3rd, several bands moved on to the annual Watson’s indoor Juvenile/Novice competition on Sunday 5th.

Just a week before the largest gathering of school bands compete in the Scottish Schools competition, this gathering had ten ‘junior’ bands playing in a march set competition, like the upcoming Novice Juvenile B, and seven ‘senior’ bands in a March, Strathspey & Reel competition. 

Junior Bands March Set – order of play and result

Fettes College A
Dollar Academy NJ B
Preston Lodge High School NJ 3rd
George Heriot’s
George Watson’s College NJ B 1st
Erskine Stewart’s Melville
Loretto 2nd
Fettes B
James Gillespie
Glenalmond College

Senior Bands MSR order of play and result

George Heriot’s Juv 2nd
George Watson’s Juv 1st
Preston Lodge Juv
Merchiston Castle
Erskine Stewart’s Melville
George Watson’s NJ A 3rd
George Heriot’s NJ A