Highlands and Islands Young Piper of the Year (updated with tunes and judges)

Senior (Under 30) Pìobaireachd:
1st Alasdair Henderson, My King Has Landed in Moidart
2nd Cameron Drummond, Mary’s Praise
3rd Brìghde Chaimbeul, Big Spree

Under 3O March
1st Alasdair Henderson, Col. MacLean of Ardour
2nd Cameron Drummond, Braes of Castle Grant
3rd Brìghde Chaimbeul, P/M Jim MacWilliams

Under 30 S&R
1st Cameron Drummond, Shepherd’s Crook, John MacKechnie
2nd Alasdair Henderson, Hector MacLean/ Sandy Cameron
3rd Jonathan Simpson, Fiddler’s Joy/ Grey Bob

Under 30 Hornpipe & Jig
1st Alasdair Henderson
2nd Jonathan Simpson
3rd Cameron Drummond

H&I Young Piper of Year: Alasdair Henderson

Judges: Iain MacFadyen, Iain Morrison

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