Perth Games (Complete)

Cloudy but dry day at Perth with 33 pipers entered in the senior, graded, events. Champion Piper: Gordon McCready. Gordon (r) is pictured with Piobaireachd winner Bill Geddes after the results were announced. 

P/A Piob
1 W Geddes, Old Men of the Shells
2 G McCready, Big Spree
3 J Hazzard, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
4 D Midgley, Prince’s Salute
5 D Urquhart, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute
Judges: A Wright, M McRae

March Final
1 G McCready
2 B Duncan
3 D Midgley
4 C Sinclair
5 W Geddes
Judges: A MacLean, S Samson

S&R Final
1 G McCready
2 C Sinclair
3 W Geddes
4 B Duncan
5 N Hudson
Judges: D Murray, J Hamilton

Jig Final
1 E Ouellette
2 C Watson
3 G McCready
4 C Sinclair
5 J Hazzard
Judges: R Clark, W Wotherspoon

B Piob
1  E Ouellette
2  B Duncan
3  G Stewart
4  M Sicard -Cras
5  A Kummerlöw / G Mulholland
Judges: P Henderson, C MacLellan

C Piob
1 C Wynd
2 L Dick
3 J Simpson
4 J Teerlink
5 A Hambsch

Junior March
1 C Craib
2 H Fredlander
3 D Muir
4 L Brown
5 A MacPhee

Junior S&R
1 D Muir
2 C Craib
3 F Frame
4 A MacPhee
5 L Brown

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