SPA Professional, Glenn Brown Recital, CLASP

spa-300x175The draw for Saturday’s Scottish Pipers’ Association Professional competition has been issued by President Tom Johnstone. The competition will be held in the College of Piping in Glasgow from 9am.

Following on from it, in a very busy day the SPA, will be another of their popular and well-received illustrated lectures on pipers and pipe tunes of World War 1. This National Lottery supported event has free admission and Saturday’s lecture, at the same venue, features author Colin Campbell and pipers Niall Stewart and Iain Speirs. Not to be missed.

Competition order of play –  Piobaireachd                                      

1. Graham Mulholland 2. Chris Armstrong  3. Steven Leask
4Jamie Elder 5Lachie Dick 6. Jonathan Greenlees
7Darach Urquhart  8. Peter Hunt 9. Steven Gray
10. Ben Mulhearn 11. Graham Drummond  12William McCallum
13. Ben Duncan 14. Peter McCalister 15. William Geddes
16. Michael Fitzhenry 17. Gordon Bruce (the double Silver Medallist is pictured above)  18Andrew Wilson
19. Michael Elder 20. Keith J Bowes  21. J Ross Cowan
22. Katherine Belcher

Darach Urquhart after winning the SPA Champion Piper prize in 2012
Darach Urquhart after winning the SPA Champion Piper prize in 2012

1. Steven Gray 2. Darach Urquhart march only 3. J Ross Cowan 

4. Stuart McCallum 5Lachie Dick  6. Andrew Wilson 

7. Graham Mulholland  8. Katherine Belcher 9Graham Drummond

10. Michael Fitzhenry 11. Ben Duncan 12Gordon Bruce

13Peter McCalister 14Jamie Elder 15William Geddes strathspe& reel only

16Ben Duncan 17Michael Elder


 Former Winners MSR
1. Winner of March 2. Jonathan Greenlees 3. Darach Urquhart
4. Steven Leask 5. Winner of S&R 6. Chris Armstrong
7. William Geddes 8. Peter Hunt 9. William McCallum

Judges for the Ceol Mor are Ronald MacShannon and Tom Johnstone and for the Ceol Beag Ian McLellan and Andrew Frater.
The competition and lecture will be Livestreamed. There are so many piping events being broadcast on this medium these days that those interested might like to open up their own account and get piping notifications sent directly to their computer or smart phone.  You can do so using the link above.

One piper who won’t be competing is Glenn Brown. Glenn is giving a recital for the Inverness Piping Society at Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, on Friday (April 17) at 7.30 for 8pm. Contact for more info.

In an unfortunate clash of dates, the National Piping Centre is staging the latest in its CLASP competitions for amateur pipers on the same day as the SPA (beginning 9.30am). The draw is below. The Centre has also announced that Friday’s ‘Tradition Bearers’ recital which was to feature Colin MacLellan and Jimmy Banks, has been postponed. Anyone who has bought tickets will be due a refund or a transfer to a new date (tba).

Here is Saturday’s CLASP draw:
Grade 2 Light Music

  1. Neil Mitchell
  2. Romana Brunner
  3. Michael McGowan
  4. Douglas Maxwell
  5. Andrea Zingg
  6. Ian Graham
  7. George Gordon
  8. Con Houlihan
  9. John Campbell
  10. Janette Greenwood
  11. William Wardrope

Grade 3 Light Music

  1. Alfred K. Graf (M&J)
  2. Robert Thomson
  3. Dagmar Pesta
  4. Helen Thomson (MSR)
  5. James Hanlon
  6. Colin Brown
  7. Karina Huber
  8. Bianca Kail

Grade 1 Light Music

  1. Sandie Greenwood
  2. Gordon Hislop
  3. Andrew Park
  4. Susy Klinger
  5. Richard Aitken
  6. Gregor McCulloch
  7. Bob Low
  8. Michael Graham
  9. Stephen Whitton
  10. Stewart Gaudin
  11. David McLauchlan

Grade 1 Piobaireachd

  1. Sandie Greenwood
  2. Stewart Gaudin
  3. Bob Low
  4. Susy Klinger
  5. Michael Graham
  6. Gordon Hislop
  7. Andrew Park
  8. David McLauchlan

Grade 2 Piobaireachd

  1. William Wardrope
  2. Michael McGowan
  3. Andrea Zingg
  4. Janette Greenwood
  5. John Campbell
  6. Gregor McCulloch
  7. Con Houlihan
  8. Douglas Maxwell
  9. Romana Brunner
  10. Ian Graham

Grade 3 Piobaireachd

  1. Helen Thomson (G&F)
  2. Dagmar Pesta (G&F)
  3. Neil Mitchell (G&F)
  4. Colin Brown (G&F)
  5. Karina Huber (G)
  6. Bianca Kail (G&F)
  7. Robert Thomson (G&F)
  8. Stephen Whitton (G)
  9. George Gordon (G&F)
  10. Alfred K. Graf (G)
  11. James Hanlon (F)