National Mod Piping (updated with jnrs.)


Champion pipers at the National Mod piping held today at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, were:
Ceol Mor:
1 Sandy Cameron, Red Speckled Bull, £150
2 Colin Campbell, Corrienessan’s Sal., £100
3 Jonathan Greenlees, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay, £75

Ceol Beag:
1 Gordon McCready, £100
2 Gavin Ferguson, £75
3 Sandy Cameron, £50

1 Colin Campbell
2 Gordon McCready
3 James McPhee

Sandy Cameron pictured today after his big win

Piobaireachd Open U19

1 Cameron MacDougall £50
2 Brìghde Chaimbeul, £30
3 Callum Wynd, £20

Open MSR 16-18
1 Cameron MacDougall, Gold Badge
2 Brìghde Chaimbeul, Silver Badge
3 Melissa Jeffrey, Bronze Badge
4 ​Callum Wynd
5 Ally Weir
6 Theo Pratt

13-15 Strathspey and Reel Own Choice
1 Finlay Cameron, Gold Badge
2 Calum Craib, Silver Badge
3 Katie MacDonald, Bronze Badge

13-15 March
1 Ben Muir, Gold Badge
2 Eòghainn Peutan, Silver Badge
3 Katie MacDonald, Bronze Badge

U13 March
1 Eòsaph Caimbeul, Gold Badge
2 Archie MacLean, Silver Badge
3 Jonathan Beaton, Bronze Badge

Chanter U13 March own choice
1 Molly Alice Perkins, Gold Badge
2 Anna Magee, Silver Badge
3 Laura Robertson, Bronze Badge

3 thoughts on “National Mod Piping (updated with jnrs.)

  1. Robert, you didn’t get the Juniors did u? One of my pupils was playing, I know he took fifth in one of the chanter comps, but don’t know the others

    1. Am trying to get them Neil. No joy so far. Will post if I do. I did hear that Cameron MacDougall won the U-19s but not confirmed. Anyone with information please forward.

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