Piping Press Shop Offers Second Hand Books – All Books Sold

Keep PP subscription free by supporting the Piping Press Shop. On special offer today are three lots of second-hand books either donated to us or superfluous to the PP archive.

SOLD Lot 1 comprises an old size copy of the Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor by Archibald Campbell. This historic book is offered in its 1973 edition and is in very good condition. It comes complete with a reduce-sized photocopy of the entire book the owner had made for convenience. This lot is priced £16 + P&P. SOLD

SOLD Lot 2 comprises copies of Logan’s famous bagpipe tutor and Books 1 & 2 of the publisher’s music collection. All three books are worn round the edges but perfectly usable with the tunes clear and easy to follow. This lot is completed by a copy of P/M Robert Reid’s ‘Piper’s Delight’ tune book. It is ascribed P/M R.A. Campbell. This lot is priced at £11 + P&P. SOLD

Sold Lot 3 comprises Book 3, 4, and 5 in the seminal Willie Ross Collection. They are in very good condition. With them is a copy of P/M Robert Reid’s ‘The Piper’s Delight’ also in very good condition. This lot is priced at £17 + P&P. SOLD

If anyone has old books or other second hand items they’d like to donate please email pipingpress@gmail.com

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7 thoughts on “Piping Press Shop Offers Second Hand Books – All Books Sold

  1. Hi Everyone hope you are keeping safe and well do you have an online shop or take orders over the phone Keep up the great work Drew

    1. Yes all sold Allan I’m afraid; will look out for a Kilberry of the old size for you but you might like to invest in the new A4 version from the PS with members’ discount! Only £22.50 last time I looked. RW

      1. With my old eyes the big book is an attraction….if you come across one please tell me. Failing that when the spine eventually goes on the current one then I may need to splash out! Awrabest during the crisis…we’re all getting very tech savvy and I’m looking into quality interviews being recorded online. But I need clever guys on the other end of the line!

        1. It’d be worth asking a bookbinder for a repair quote before you go splashing out. If it’s just a spine repair then that shouldn’t be that much. I paid £50 last year to have piob soc volumes bound together, and that’s a lot more work. Bear in mind too, that carrying a shiny new Kilberry book is like wearing a shiny new barbour jacket. You’d have to leave it in the dog basket for at least a month before you would dare be seen in public with it.

          1. Many thanks David and that’ll be considered after ‘lockdown’ has passed. My current book has notations that may not now be considered helpful and a well worn cover and so it should pass your test!

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