Craig’s Arrangement Raises Money for the NHS

Composer, arranger and piper Craig Muirhead is offering copies of his popular bagpipe arrangement of ‘Over the Rainbow’ in return for a donation to the National Health Service.

Craig writes: ‘I did a wee arrangement of the famous Judy Garland song from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and it’s on my Facebook page. It’s had a lot of attention and requests for the music.

‘Would it be possible to mention in the blog that for a £2 donation to NHS Charities Together I’ll send out the music? Here’s the lnk for the donation:

‘Readers just need to reference their payment with their email and I’ll send the file.’

The rainbow logo has been adopted in the UK as a message of soliarity and hope and a tribute to the NHS in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to the tune played by Craig here:

To repeat: – is the link to donate and anyone doing it should reference the payment with their email address so that Craig know where to send the PDF.

Strathallan School’s piping and drumming department, where Craig works, are opening up their teaching programme in the short term to plug the lockdown teaching gap. Anyone interested should e-mail Craig on for more info. Lessons would be charged at our usual school rate and last for 40 minutes.

Craig has recently turned 30 and brought a new book of his tunes to mark this milestone. Get it here.

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