Calling All Pipe Bands Around World

At 8pm UK time millions of people in the UK will be clapping their hands in public to show their appreciation of frontline virus health staff. Pipers are already gearing up for a blast of Scotland the Brave to go along with the clapping.

Now Oban High School Pipe Band and their pipe major, the world famous Angus MacColl, are calling all bands, pipers AND drummers – to join them in playing at their front door for our hard pressed doctors, nurses and ancillary health staff.

Said Angus: ‘Last week Oban High School Pipe Band members played a tune on their doorstep at 8.05 pm just after the clapping. It showed great support for NHS [National Health Service] workers.

‘We had a good response and thought we would try and get pipers and drummers involved everywhere. It’s hoped to do this every Thursday night at 8.05pm throughout the lockdown.

‘The tunes tonight are I See Mull and Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban but bandsmen and women wherever they are could play whatever tunes they wanted.’

Drummers can put on a recording of a band on their sound system and play along if they don’t have a piper within earshot. Come on everyone, do your bit and raise morale by following the example set by Angus and the kids of the Oban band.

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2 thoughts on “Calling All Pipe Bands Around World

  1. It was cold and playing the tune was a desperate battle. My neighbours were clapping showing their appreciation for the NHS and other important workers of all kinds. I image this will be common.

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