Competing Pipers Association President Issues Grading Reminder as Deadline Approaches

This is a reminder that all grading applications for the 2020 season are due in by November 30. However, the sooner we receive them the better as the Grading Committee will be meeting the following day (December 1) to review every player’s application.

If members have no prior or current track record they are encouraged to submit recordings so that the appropriate grade can be allocated.

By Glenn Brown

If members/players are late in applying it could result in their being given a ‘C’ grading. This year’s grading committee consists of eight ‘P’ graded members of the Association, four of whom are non-Scottish. Given our international membership, we believe the size and reach of the committee ensures a thorough and fair approach to this difficult task, hopefully leading to the appropriate grade for every member. 

The CPA would like to encourage anyone who isn’t a member to have a think about joining. This will help us in keeping up to date the current list of competing pipers and their current track records and results. 

We currently have a very healthy membership of 232. Together we are trying to continue to raise the standards and status of solo piping. Involvement in the CPA helps this important work, not just in Scotland but globally.

Our work continues and we are currently in talks and have arranged meetings to further our involvement and development of piping competitions within the Royal National Mod and the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA). 

Piper Robert Gibb competing at Nethybridge Games in the summer

We appreciate that the Mod and many Highland games are suffering from a lack of partcipation*. Following our meeting with the SHGA, we hope to encourage members, and in fact all pipers, to take part in their local Highland games.

The games are part of the fabric of our piping tradition and we will be trying to ensure stronger and healthier contests for the benefit of pipers, games organisers and the piping public. 

Another area we are currently examining is the qualification for the Silver Medals** at Oban and Inverness. Plans for future Silver Medal qualifications processes are currently being discussed and will be disclosed as and when they are ready.

As always, pipers are encouraged to come to the CPA AGM, which will take place the Sunday following Inverness, August 23rd, which is, as has been announced, a week ahead of Oban next year.

2014…..Silver Medallist Decker Forrest receives his award from the Duke of Argyll
  • You can join the CPA here. * There have been comments that CPA graded Highland games, which provide an opportunity for pipers to enhance their track record, are drawing competitors away from what are now seen by some as ‘minor’, non-graded, events. There have been cancellations of solo piping contests at Perth, Crieff and Stirling Highland Games.** Re Silver Medal qualification, this year select competitions were chosen as automatic qualifiers for this important event in 2020. There have been questions asked about the fairness of the system given that some of these contests were less well attended than others.
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